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    New Google Chrome Features Are Being Tested

    If you are using Google Chrome to browse the web, you already know that there are many features that allow you to have a much more efficient and enjoyable experience. There are many features available for accessing and using a website such as Vulkan Vegas Canada that you will not find in other browsers. If you download beta versions of Chrome, you can start testing new features that are not yet available to everyone, before other users. In this article, we’ll list the most important features that have been available and are still being tested since Google Chrome version 91. Before we start, let’s make a quick reminder: You may need to activate some of these features from the hidden menu, which you can open by typing “chrome://flags” in your browser’s address bar.

    Continuous Search

    This feature allows the display of search results under the address bar in the Android version of Google Chrome. This bar looks like a favorites bar and can be swiped left and right.

    Your Alt Tag

    The idea is that once you open a page using the search results, you don’t have to go back to view another page. Using this bar, you can click on one of the other results and open a new site.

    Stylized Webnotes

    If you like to copy texts from websites and share them with your friends, you will like this feature. In the Android version of the browser, you can now stylize texts that you have selected and copied in different ways before sending them.

    Your Alt Tag

    There are some predefined styles such as bold, monochrome, lovely, friendly, and the appearance of the text changes according to these styles.

    New Tab Cards

    Remember the search bar on the new tab page? With this feature, you can add one more bar below it. This bar contains shortcut links to sites you’ve visited before.

    However, this feature is not available for all sites, but for specific links such as recipes, shopping carts, and Google Drive documents. For example, you can directly access the Google Docs document you opened two days ago using this new bar. In short, your Google Drive documents are now accessible from the new tab page.

    WebOTP API

    This is an interesting feature because it allows you to transfer one-time SMS passwords from your phone to your computer. For example, let’s say you are visiting a website that requests SMS verification. When the SMS is sent to your mobile phone, you do not have to enter it manually.


    When you click the “send” button in the message, the password is automatically transferred to your computer. To use this feature, simply sign in with your Google account on both your computer and phone.


    Website Security Icon

    To see if a site is safe, you look at the lock icon on the left side of the address bar, right? Chrome now replaces this icon and displays an inverted arrow icon instead of a lock.


    To activate this feature, you need to set the relevant setting “enabled” on the “chrome://flags/#page-info-version-2-desktop” tab.


    You Can Choose from Closed Tabs

    You could see a list of recently closed tabs in the “recently closed” menu of Google Chrome’s History, but it was not possible to open them individually. For some reason, you were allowed to open the tab group in bulk.

    This feature has now changed and became more practical: In the latest version of Chrome, you are allowed to open a specific tab alone.

    File Pasting

    We used to use the CTRL+C/CTRL+V shortcut to copy and paste the text into Chrome, but this feature now lets us do more. Using the same shortcuts, we can transfer not only text but also files to Chrome.


    This simple yet practical feature allows any file to be copied and attached to an email. You can use the shortcut “chrome://flags/#clipboard-filenames” for this feature.

    Website Tracking

    Google Reader is no longer available, unfortunately, but this new experimental feature looks just as useful.

    When you activate this feature, you start to track a certain website and when new content is published on the site, you can view it directly. In other words, you don’t have to struggle to read new content: Chrome can display it right away.

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    David Novak
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