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    10 Mobile App Trends to Watch Out in 2022

    The multitude of advancements in technologies affects all our lives for the better. For instance, when it comes to mobile apps, almost every day, we see new developments coming out. Mobile App Trends

    As this continues, there will come a time when our lives will become even more dependent on mobile applications and mobile devices. To gauge what will drive mobile app trends in the future, you need to know which apps to watch out for. These are the trends that will dictate the direction of mobile app development.

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    1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    If you keep track of mobile app trends, then you should already know about FaceApp. This app became famous almost overnight due to its brilliant utilization of Artificial Intelligence.

    FaceApp has the ability to filter your photo to show how you will look when you age or how you used to look when you were young. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been among the top trends in mobile app development for the past years consecutively. For 2022, we can expect that such use will go much deeper. We will get more acquainted with various features and components of apps that include both of these technologies.

    2. Blockchain Technology

    The Blockchain app has been with us for some time now. Because of the core concept behind the app’s technology – the ability to create a decentralized database – it has become an emerging trend in the development of mobile apps.

    The decentralized databases eliminate the need for one service company or provider that usually acts as a gatekeeper.

    Since security has become an important issue in-app developments, Blockchain technology will become a valuable element in the development of mobile apps in 2022.

    3. Progressive Web Apps

    Progressive web apps (PWAs) are a hybrid between apps and web pages. The biggest advantage of PWAs is that it takes less time to develop compared to normal apps. The reason for this is that they are simply websites that have app functionalities. But they have added functionality compared to web pages because you can save PWAs on your home screen.

    4. Integration of Augmented Reality

    This is another mobile app trend that has been around for a couple of years now. It will continue to be a trend in 2022 because it still has a long way to go before we can consider it a standard technology. The inclusion of this trend is because people can integrate this into the business space. This means that it will allow service providers and sellers to interact with their clients in more personalized ways.

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    Mobile Apps5. IoT capability

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected smart devices. The full utilization of this technology by big companies has strengthened the competition in the use of IoT. Also, the increase in the demand for IoT systems and gadgets has led to a simultaneous increase in the demand for IoT-enabled apps.

    6. Super-apps

    The development of multi-tasking and multi-purpose apps for smartphones is one of the latest trends that is slowly taking over the world. For instance, there are apps for writing books that offer other features too. Software programs of a “superclass” are now gaining popularity because they have the capability to carry out entire spectrums of diversified tasks on their own. These apps also possess the capacity to create an environment that covers all of your needs.

    7. Mobile Wallets

    Because of the overwhelming demand for smartphones, mobile wallets will also be in demand by 2022. We can expect that the demand for apps for mobile wallets will further increase until the end of next year. Mobile wallets are convenient and secure platforms you can use for bill payments and other monetary transactions.

    8. 5G Connectivity

    Although 5G has yet to become standard in many places despite having existed for a couple of years now, we can expect it to have a wider reach come 2022. The technology of 5G will supersede 4G to become the new standard in mobile technology. 5G promises up to 100 times faster speeds compared to 4G, with speeds that can reach up to 100 GBs. Moreover, 5G has a lower latency, which will ensure seamless connections.

    9. Wearable Apps

    The wearable app market is constantly evolving, and this will keep evolving in 2022. According to mobile app development trends, many consider the development of these devices as very practical. Apps and websites should not only work on desktops and mobile devices but also on wearables. Configuring these apps can be quite challenging but it will soon become obvious that smartphones could become things of the past as desktops are now to mobiles.

    10. Video-link Technology

    Another trend today is the development of programs used for video calls. This technology is in high demand around the world. This mobile app development will continue for many years to come, especially with the emergence of remote work and online classes that we are all resorting to these days.


    Considering the incredible advancements in technology, the industry of mobile app development is constantly evolving at an amazing rate too. If you want to thrive and survive in this digital era, you need to stay updated with the changing trends in mobile apps.

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