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    COROS VERTIX 2 – 2nd-Gen Multisport GPS Adventure Watch

    While exploring the outdoors can bring you some amazing experiences, keeping track of the time and other health metrics while doing so is always a good thing. To do that, one of the best gadgets that you can bring with you while exploring the outdoors is a GPS Adventure Watch. Nowadays, adventure watches are designed with one main goal in mind; to allow all types of outdoors explorers to accurately collect both health-related and fitness data while walking, hiking, running, mountain-climbing, cycling, swimming or pretty much any other outdoors activity that you can engage on. More importantly, most GPS Adventure Watches are designed to be multi-functional so that they ultimately offer outdoors enthusiasts of all levels of expertise even more useful functionalities. Those functionalities can include innovative waterproof designs to keep their watches’ internal components protected from water-damage or even a bright backlight to help them read the watch’s face / screen at night or during any other low-light conditions. Having said that, if you’re looking for a new adventure-ready timepiece to keep you better prepared while exploring the outdoors world, then have a good look at the COROS VERTIX 2, and if you end up liking it, then definitely consider getting it.

    The COROS VERTIX 2 is a 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch that features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, communication with all 5 major satellite systems, Dual Frequency satellite communication, global offline mapping, and up to 60 days of battery life during normal use.

    Now, note that the VERTIX 2 is a 2nd-generation GPS Adventure Watch that’s based on COROS’ original VERTIX (which we’ve reviewed here at GadgetGram when it was released). As such, COROS VERTIX 2 packs some major improvements over the original model.

    Not only does this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch boasts a high-end touchscreen, a 10ATM Waterproof Rating, and an ultra-bright backlight, but it also packs many smart Tracking features, including a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring function, a Track Mode for running, and a Training Mode for accurately measuring any workout activity that you’re looking to do.

    Best of all, it also features built-in Camera Controls for easily controlling some action camera models.

    With all that said, we’d like to welcome all of our readers to join us on our detailed review of the VERTIX 2, where we’ll not only check everything that this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch has to offer you, but also discuss all of the major improvements that the VERTIX 2 has over COROS’ original GPS Adventure Watch (the VERTIX 1).


    Starting with the watch’s size, the VERTIX 2 comes at just a slightly larger size than the original model, with the watch itself measuring only 1.98 inches in diameter by 0.61 inches tall / thick (50.3 x 15.7 mm).


    Despite its slight increase in size, this next-gen GPS Adventure Watch still features the same feather-light construction that the original model had to offer, with the watch only weighing 3.13 oz. (89 g). As such, you can be guaranteed that the VERTIX 2 will still feel fairly lightweight when you’re wearing it.


    Now, just like the original model, the VERTIX 2 still gives you the choice to pick between a Silicone Band and a Nylon Band for the watch’s Quick Release / Fit Band, with both band designs measuring around 26mm wide.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Quick Release / Fit Silicone Band

    Note that if you decide to go with a Silicone Band, you can expect just a tad bit more weight to the watch, while going for the Nylon Band will offer you a slightly “lighter-weight” wearing experience.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Quick Release / Fit Silicone Band

    Then, when it comes to the watch’s construction, the VERTIX 2 still follows the same ultra-sturdy construction that was seen in the company’s older model of this series of GPS Adventures Watches (the VERTIX 1).

    Firstly, note that the VERTIX 2 comes equipped with a special reusable hard-protective case that features an ultra-durable and corrosion-proof construction, which not only makes the watch both scratch-proof and weather-proof, but also ensures a flawless operation between a wide temperature range of -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) with less than a 30% depreciation in battery performance.

    To be a little more specific, the watch’s case consists of a corrosion-free Titanium Alloy Frame that’s combined with a Grade 5 Titanium Alloy Bezel, with both its Titanium Frame and Bezel coming greatly protected by a PVD Coating.

    Furthermore, right at the center of the watch’s case, we also have a virtually scratch-proof Diamond-like Coating Sapphire Glass, which ultimately gives this GPS Adventure Watch one of the most resilient screens you can currently find available on the market.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Scratch-proof Diamond-like Coating Sapphire Glass

    Moreover, note that the watch’s case is also rated to be water-resistant. Here, the company (COROS) decided to slightly lower the watch’s water resistance-rating from a 15ATM Water-Resistance Rating (492 ft. / 150 meters water-resistance) to a 10ATM Water-Resistance Rating (328 ft. / 100 meters water-resistance). This decision was probably because the VERTIX 2 is not meant to be a diving watch, but instead, a GPS Adventure Watch for outdoors exploration.

    Moving on to the watch’s different components. Right of the bat, the first thing we’ll notice is the VERTIX 2 comes packing a 1.4-inch sapphire glass screen that’s slightly bigger than the original model’s 1.2-inch screen, all while still packing the same touch screen capabilities.

    1.4-inch Always-On Memory LCD Touchscreen

    The watch’s Always-On Memory LCD Touchscreen features a Display Size of 280 by 280 pixels, and operates at a 64-colors Display Rate. Thanks to the increase in screen size, this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch now offers you a 16% higher resolution than the older model did (was 240 x 240), thus making it easier to read the watch’s screen with just a glance.

    Just like the older model, the VERTIX 2’s revolutionary Always-On Memory LCD Touchscreen boasts an enabled breadcrumb navigation, which completely revamps the traditional button experience that you commonly have while using any other GPS Adventure Watch (that even goes for users wearing thick climbing gloves or underwater gloves).

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Enabled Breadcrumb Navigation

    Thanks to that, the VERTIX 2 allows you to conveniently use its touchscreen along with its enlarged digital dial for your own outdoors navigation, which ultimately allow you to move the watch’s Navigation Track Up or Down, Left or Right, as well as to easily Zoom In and Zoom Out.

    Despite offering you the same innovative breadcrumb navigation that the original VERTIX 1 packed, the VERTIX 2 now comes with a brand-new and improved User-Interface that was thoroughly redesigned for a more precise control of the watch’s touchscreen and an easier access to different functionalities overall.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Support to 8 Data Fields per Screen

    Not only that, but what’s even more impressive is that the VERTIX 2 also supports up to eight (x8) Data Fields on a single page (meaning per screen) for displaying more useful information side-by-side. This basically offers users a quicker access to even more information during their outdoors activities.

    On top of all of that, all of the watch’s internal operations are also processed over 20% faster in comparison to the original model (the VERTIX 1), and that’s all thanks to COROS’ brand-new next-generation chipset and processor.

    VERTIX 2’s next-generation chipset and processor

    Last but not least, the VERTIX 2 now comes with a 32GB internal memory for onboard-storage, thus allowing this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch to hold more data, more workouts, and more routes when compared to the original model, and for the first time ever, users will also be able to download and control audio files straight from their GPS Watch.

    32GB internal memory for onboard-storage of data ( Workouts, Map Routes & Audio / Music Files )

    Thanks to that, COROS’ 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch now allows users to listen to music while exploring the outdoors.


    For the COROS VERTIX 2’s interface (meaning its Control Buttons), we still have the same sleek and simple set of controls that were present on the original model. Going from top to bottom, these Control Buttons include a Light Button, a Time Button, and a Back Lap Button.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Light Button / Time Button / Back Lap Button ( Top-to-Bottom )

    Turning the watch’s Time Button also allows users to go through the watch’s different Menus for its wide range of Modes and functionalities.


    Just like the original VERTIX 1, the VERTIX 2’s Light Button also offers its users the same basic manual option for quick bursts of illumination from the watch’s ultra-bight backlight. In addition, this Light Button can also be used to trigger the watch’s Night Mode function, which basically activates its bright backlight for keeping the watch’s dial nicely illuminated to make it easy to read during any night-time activities.

    Note that the watch’s backlight is bright enough for your eyes to easily adjust to it in order to easily read the watch’s dial in complete darkness, all while still being dim enough to allow the watch to maintain a superior battery performance throughout its hours of use, even if you need its backlight turned On during an entire night.

    In fact, the watch’s Night Mode function and its backlight both turn themselves Off automatically either when you finish a workout, or ultimately, at sunrise (which the watch is capable of automatically detecting).

    Last but not least, at the back-side of the VERTIX 2’s body, we also have a couple of built-in sensors, including an Optical Pulse Oximeter, an Optical Heart Rate Monitor, a Barometric Altimeter, an Accelerometer, a Compass, a Gyroscope, a Thermometer, and finally, a brand-new Electrocardiogram Sensor (more on that just ahead).

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Built-in Sensors – Optical Pulse Oximeter / Optical Heart Rate Monitor / Barometric Altimeter / Accelerometer / Compass / Gyroscope / Thermometer / Electrocardiogram Sensor
    Wrist-based Pulse Oximeter & Heart Rate Monitor

    Thanks to the watch’s Optical Pulse Oximeter Sensor and Optical Heart Rate Monitor Sensor, users are also offered a Wrist-Based Pulse Oximeter as well as a Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor functionalities, which can both be tracked via the watch’s Memory LCD Touchscreen.

    Smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring

    Additionally, the VERTIX 2 also features an Altitude Mode that allows users to accurately track their past and current Altitude (in a simplified, yet still reasonably detailed graph) when hiking around mountainous terrains.

    Altitude Mode

    Moreover, the watch’s Altitude Mode also includes a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen Monitoring function that provides you with daily acclimatization evaluations to inform you when it’s safe to climb higher.

    Built-in Electrocardiogram Sensor for ECG Readings

    On top of all of those sensors, the COROS VERTIX 2 now comes with a built-in Electrocardiogram Sensor as well, which ultimately gives this new 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch some neat ECG (Electrocardiogram) capabilities.

    HRV / ECG Reading(s) (On-Demand)

    Thanks to that, you can even use the VERTIX 2 to measure your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) straight from your wrist.


    For the watch’s connectivity, the VERTIX 2 features support to Bluetooth connectivity for a Wireless Connection with your Personal Accessories / devices, like your Smartphone for example.

    Moreover, this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch also features additional Wi-Fi capabilities, which add even greater possibilities for accessory pairing and more.

    Unlike the original model (the VERTIX 1) – which only offered you connection to a few Navigation Systems, the VERTIX 2 can now talk to all five (x5) major satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou) at the same time.

    Thanks to its multi-satellite communication functions, the VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch offers its users global offline mapping, all while also including Landscape View, Topo View, and Hybrid View Modes.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    Global Offline Mapping

    In fact, the watch comes with a full global Landscape map straight out-of-the-box, for which users can download their current-location’s corresponding Topo Map (sorted by regions) for free right from COROS’ official website.

    Best of all, the VERTIX 2 even offers you Dual Frequency satellite communication (thanks to its integrated Dual-Frequency GNSS Chipset) for a faster and better signal.

    Note that this is a truly unique functionality that was only available in aviation products to this date.


    Another amazing improvement on this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch is that the COROS VERTIX 2 now features an even better battery life when compared to the original model, meaning that it pretty much doubles the battery life offered by its predecessor.

    GPS Adventure Watch
    60 days of battery life during normal use

    As such, the VERTIX 2 now boasts a whooping 60 days of battery life during normal use, 140 hours of standard full GPS tracking, and an extended 240 hours on UltraMax GPS Mode. As such, it’s safe to say that the VERTIX 2 is ready for any long-term adventures, no matter how tough they might be.

    Then, specifically when using it while connected to with all of its 5 supported satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou) for an ultra-accurate GPS Tracking, the VERTIX 2 is capable of offering you around 90 hours of battery life, which will then drop down to 50 hours if you also enable its Dual Frequency satellite communication.

    Lastly, when looking to recharge the watch’s internal battery, know that it should only take you around 2 hours to do so, which is actually a great functionality to have for such a powerful GPS Adventure Watch such as this one. Thanks to that, you can basically leave it charging over night while you rest for your next day’s adventure.


    Furthermore, users can also download the COROS App for free for both iOS and Android devices, which ultimately allows them to get even more out of the VERTIX 2 by using it together with your Smartphone.

    One great thing about it is that the COROS App includes a Training Mode that allows you to create, share and download workouts made by professional athletes and coaches for Running, Cycling, Swimming or Strength Training. In addition to that, the App also allows you to build your own workout for pretty much any type of activity (including sports activities), with virtually no limitations whatsoever.

    COROS App
    COROS App

    Then, when it comes to the App’s supported workouts, know that the COROS App’s Training Mode supports: Run, Indoor Run, Trail Run, Track Run, Hike, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio, GPS Cardio, Ski, Snowboard, XC Ski, Ski Touring, Multisport, and Strength as all of its Training Modes.

    COROS App
    COROS App

    Best of all, users can even select from more than 200+ preloaded exercises to create their ideal strength training session in a matter of minutes.

    In fact, this Multisport GPS Adventure Watch can even quickly learn your running form, for which each of its supported Training Modes will then offer you a precise analysis of your training load and performance, with a detailed evaluation of your exertion and recovery.

    Finally, if you’re interested in sharing your workouts with other family members and friends or even with some training partners, know that the App allows you to do that very easily, and that can be done either via text, by email, via social media or even by simply directing your training companions to the COROS App by having them use a QR code.


    Built-In Camera Controls / Insta360 Action Camera Integration

    On a side note, it’s also worth noting that for any outdoors enthusiasts that also have have an action camera, you’ll also be happy to know that the VERTIX 2 now boasts built-in Camera Controls, thus allowing to easily and conveniently control your action camera directly from the watch while having the camera itself attached to your exploration gear.

    Built-In Camera Controls

    That said, know that the VERTIX 2’s built-in Camera Controls currently support the GoPro 9, GoPro 10, Insta360 One X2, and the Insta360 One R.


    The COROS VERTIX 2 is a 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch that features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, communication with all 5 major satellite systems, Dual Frequency satellite communication, global offline mapping, and up to 60 days of battery life during normal use.

    Not only does this 2nd-gen GPS Adventure Watch boasts a high-end touchscreen, a 10ATM Waterproof Rating, and an ultra-bright backlight, but it also packs many smart Tracking features, including a smart 24/7 Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Monitoring function, a Track Mode for running, and a Training Mode for accurately measuring any workout activity that you’re looking to do.


    Best of all, it also features built-in Camera Controls for easily controlling some action camera models.

    The VERTIX 2 GPS Adventure Watch is currently available in two (x2) different color models: Obsidian Black and Lava Orange.

    If you’re interested in buying it, know that each unit is currently going for $699.99, no matter what color-model you decide to go with. You can order yours online right now, directly from COROS’ official shopping page.


    It’s also worth noting that there’s an optional Carabiner Accessory (which is sold separately) that’s great for climbing or any other sort of activities where having the watch on your wrist just doesn’t make sense.

    COROS VERTIX 2 Carabiner
    COROS VERTIX 2 Carabiner Accessory

    You can find the VERTIX 2’s Carabiner as well as a few other different accessories available at the VERTIX 2’s official accessories page.

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