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    What Is the Latest Legal Situation for Sports Betting in the US?

    What Is the Latest Legal Situation for Sports Betting in the US?

    After the US Supreme Court’s verdict on sports betting a few years back, the industry’s landscape has completely changed. For the fans of sports betting, this is excellent news. With most US states allowing you to indulge in this skill-based game, weekends and game seasons will be delightful. 

    However, out of all the US states, not all are on board with the approved legislation. Thus, knowing the state-by-state regulations is essential. Are you looking for the latest online sportsbook in your state? Well, this site gathers all the information you would need to do so. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the state-by-state regulations for sports betting in the US.

    State-by-State Legislation

    While covering all the states in the US is a bit difficult, we bring you the on-ground situation in eight of the most popular states of the US. The states we are mentioning have legalized the sport and you can bet freely if you’re a resident here. So let’s take a brief look at the state by state legislation on sports betting!


    Sports betting was legalized in April 2021 in this state. Since then, the state has seen growth in sports betting by leaps and bounds. Arizona became the first ever state to have an in-stadium sportsbook and ranks within the top 10 states for money placed on bets.


    Arkansas is a newcomer to the league, with betting on sports being legalized eight months back in February 2022. Originally, Arkansas had only approved brick-and-mortar bookies. However, this year they pushed hallmark legislation to the floor and approved eight online sportsbooks.


    The state of the veterans, and with good reason. Colorado is one of the first states in the US to make sports betting legal. The state passed its favorable legislation in May 2020. Sports betting is favorable in Colorado because this centennial state has prominent universities and popular franchises, including Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets.


    Illinois legalized sports betting in March 2020, around the same time as Colorado. Chicago’s stark reputation in the world of sports, clubbed with the state’s massive population made way for sports betting to become one of the more popular endeavors. Alongside this, the presence of major franchises, like Bulls, Bears, and Blackhawks, only amped up the sport’s popularity. 

    New Jersey

    Welcome to a state that thrives off of sports betting. With massive revenue rolling in each quarter from sports betting and online wagering activities, New Jersey was ahead of the curb. However, it is no surprise since the state houses Atlantic City. Currently, you can choose from 21 mobile wagering options if you’re a resident of New Jersey. 

    New York

    The world’s most expensive city is the perfect playground for bookies and punters. Even though New York is one of the most recent states to legalize the activity, its massive population, tribal casinos, and the appeal of franchises like the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets are bound to carry it through. Since the legalization of betting in this state, it’s handled over 1 billion USD per month of bets! So, if you’re a resident here, the market is lucrative and forthcoming.

    Rhode Island

    As famous as Rhode Island is, it’s still one of the states with the smallest populations in the US. It automatically means that sports betting is not viable in the long run here. If you, unfortunately, belong to this state, your options are pretty limited. William Hill, by Caesars Entertainment, is the sole operator in this region. However, despite the unfavorable odds, Rode Island has come a long way from being a state that required in-person registration to a state that doesn’t.


    Nevada is also known as the gambling capital of the US. Thus, it’s no surprise that sports betting is prevalent in this silver state. The state requires in-person registration via your phone to get started. But we can’t blame them. With the massive traffic of gamblers in the state, taking necessary precautions is only a baseline effort they are putting in. However, there have been pushes in the state board to do away with this practice. Thus, we’ve no choice but to wait for the outcome.

    What’s the Next Step?

    Well, while sports betting is legal in most of the US states, a few of them still have dicey legislation. The best people of such states can do to follow the current ones and wait for changes. However, if you belong to pro-sports betting states, we recommend you jump in. Unlike casino games, this sport has a secure way of winning. Check out strategies and carefully pick out the best sportsbooks in the country to get started in this vibrant industry. Carpe diem with your smarts and outwit fellow bettors!

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