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Mind Control is Alive with BodyWave Brainwave Monitoring System by Freer Logic

Just introduced is an intriguing new brainwave monitoring computer technology that has applications in many industries and situations.  Check out the release on the wave of the future……

Unprecedented New Technology Reads & Reacts To Brainwaves Through The Extremities Of The Body Freer Logic’s “BodyWave” Provides Interactive Feedback Via Wearable Armband Sensors


(Asheville, NC)– Imagine a small armband sensor that allows the user to be

able to control a computer by mind alone; or determine if he/she is being

inattentive or distracted while driving; or know exactly when to swing a

golf club for optimum performance and results.   A new wearable technology

called Body Wave from Freer Logic that does just that is now available for

applications in many different situations and industries.

BodyWave reads brain activity through the human body, not by intrusive

headsets and wires like technologies of the past, but via a uniquely

innovative brainwave monitor that attaches to the arm or leg. In the past,

brainwave monitoring devices required awkward or invasive attachment to the

head.  BodyWave’s patent pending design monitors the brain’s physiologic

signal through the body. Dry sensors acquire brain signal and transfer it

wirelessly to a PC.  When BodyWave is used with Freer Logic’s 3D computer

simulations, it can activate and deactivate those computer simulations by

mind alone. It can also teach stress control, increase attention, and

facilitate peak performance.

How Does BodyWave Work?

BodyWave monitors brain activity through the body instead of the head. It

can monitor levels of attention, cognitive processing, relaxation, or

anxiety and stress. This brain activity is transferred from BodyWave to the

PC where it can be used to control 3D simulations or field operations on

screen. Through BodyWave, the user can only activate the PC simulation by

actively engaging in the program. This means maximizing his/her attentive

state while minimizing anxiety and stress. As the user begins to pay

attention, the barometer reading goes up. If distracted or anxious, the bar

goes down giving direct feedback about the cognitive and physiologic state

of the user. When a peak performance state is achieved, as indicated on the

screen, the user can activate the training environment. Loss of this fully

engaged cognitive state will deactivate the simulation until full

concentration is achieved once again.

Avatars within the program can act as teachers to provide instruction or as

a surrogate student to participate in lessons or simulations. Avatars,

machines, or even control panels themselves can be controlled by BodyWave

input. For example, when the user clicks on the avatar, he/she can use

his/her attention or peak mental engagement to make the avatar walk to the

control panel. If the user becomes distracted or anxious, he/she can no

longer control the avatar and he stops.

Training is initiated in a low-distraction, non- threatening environment.

Because the trainee can see his/her mental or physiologic state in

real-time, training environments can progressively introduce greater states

of distraction, stress or duress that are typically experienced in the

field. The trainee thus learns to act in a peak performance state even under


Just A Few Applications For BodyWave:

Sports Training – For example, BodyWave will tell you exactly when you’ve

reached a peak performance state to sink a putt.

Driving Safety:  A steering wheel could send information to a car’s computer

to warn a driver when he/she is not paying attention.

Job Stress Management: For example:

1- An Air Traffic Controller could know exactly when his/her stress level is

too high.

2- Police officers, soldiers, or firefighters could train to maintain

optimal performance under duress.

Relaxation Time: BodyWave connected to a cell phone allows anyone to learn

to meditate or relax.

And much more…

Freer Logic & Technologies CEO Peter Freer has helped ADHD kids for years

with his Play Attention technology that used a sensor lined helmet to access

brain activity. Although effective, at times it proved invasive and

inconvenient. “By producing this new advanced technology, we have opened the

brain interface market to the mass consumer market,” Freer says.

In the near future the BodyWave’s patent pending technology will be able to

collect brain activity through a wristwatch of sorts or implanted in a

soldier’s clothes so that his/her mental acuity readings could be reported

back to the commander.

The BodyWave system can be purchased for general cognitive enhancement use

for $1,795 at:

www.playattention.com and includes the BodyWave unit and

full training and access to the PC applications.

Freer Logic can also adapt the BodyWave system in “app” form for any

specific industry or application for an additional cost.