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Roland GO MIXER Review

Roland GO MIXER has a lot of ports

As smartphones become more robust, particularly with creating and managing music, portable audio interfaces are at a premium. The problem is that what’s available is cumbersome, difficult to travel with and requires power just to run the accessory. The new Roland Go Mixer ($99 MSRP) solves those problems, combining a very capable mixer in a tiny design.

Roland GO MIXER is compact

Roland GO MIXER Overview

Introduced at the beginning of the year, the Roland GO MIXER is great for music lover who want to create their own music. It’s also the perfect audio companion for Podcasters and YouTubers.

The device has 8 audio channels in and 2 audio channels out. Technically, there are 6 physical input jacks, but 5 inputs. The Left and Right instrument input jacks are not considered two separate inputs. The whole package weighs a feathery 4 oz. and measures 3.75″ on either side. To power the GO MIXER, you simply plug it into USB bus, and the device includes a center-channel canceling switch for the stereo mini-jack Line 1 input…perfect for karaoke.

Roland GO MIXER has 8 line-ins and 2 outs


For the mobile musician, you can’t beat the GO MIXER. It has separate ¼” mic and guitar ins with individual gain controls for the integrated preamps. An additional pair of ¼” inputs accept line-level signals from a a stereo keyboard or external mixer. An onboard peak-level indicator is also present, as well as a pair of stereo minijack line-inputs.

Roland GO MIXER has a lot of inputs and outputs

Smack-dab in the middle is a center knob, which is the master control for the stereo minijack output. This is great for headphone use or a couple of monitors. The GO MIXER also comes with a Micro USB and Lightning cables, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.

Roland GO MIXER comes with MicroUSB and lightning cables

Bottom Line

In short, the GO MIXER goes above and beyond what a portable mixer can do, especially for its size. Not having to worry about a power supply is worth every penny in itself. You can simply use your smartphone connection. No batteries or AC adapter required. It also has awesome audio and video capture capabilities.

Essentially, you get a palm-sized audio mixer for smartphones, which is ideal for both desktop and mobile use. The multiple inputs-connect a mic, musical instruments and media players, and the whole little kit is ready to go, right out of the box. Finally, it comes at an awesome price of just over $100. This price point is going to kill its competition.


You can purchase the Roland GO MIXER for $99 through select retailers including Amazon. For more information on the Roland GO MIXER, visit Roland’s website here.

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Roland GOMIXER Audio Mixer for Smartphones

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