Hands-Free Infrared Automatic Trash Can

I hate touching the lids of trash cans to open them- so nasty! The iTouchless Stainless-Steel Hands-Free 13-Gallon Infrared Automatic Trash Can Hands Free Infrared Automatic Trash Can uses infrared technology to sense when an object approaches within six inches and it instantly opens the lid. There are two buttons on the lid to manually open it if you want to do it the old fashioned way. It runs on 4 D batteries which are good for 10,000 openings and closings. The garbage can also has a special garbage bag retainer ring so your bags stay put and don’t slip down into the can.auto-garbage-can

This hygienic trash can creates a germ free, odor free, automated environment. It should be ideal for under the sink usage where using a trash can with a foot pedal opener would be just awkward. The stainless steel exterior is modern and stylish. Perfect for germaphobes!

Via: Craziest Gadgets