Walkie Talkie Watches

Walkie Talkie WatchesThese pair of high tech Walkie-Talkie Watches are ideal where two-way radio communication is needed. They come with voice activated function (VOX), call tones, squelch control, they’re splash proof, and excellent talk time. After the initial 24 hour charge, a full 5 hour charge will provide 24 hours of standby power and 5 hours of continuous talk time. The walkie talkies have eight channels and 38 sub codes per channel giving you over 300 channel combinations for private conversation. Unlike some walkie talkie watches available these are not toy watches with low distance range, these watches work within a 2.5km range. And best of all, the Walkie Talkie Watches do not require a licence, so you can talk using the watches completely free.

via: Crazy Gadgets