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    Pure Launches Range of Connected Digital Radios

    Pure Launches Range of Connected Digital Radios

    PURE, maker of digital and internet-connected radios, is introducing a product family of connected digital radios that sport style and advanced technology that will define the future of radio.Pure Evoke Flow Lounge

    PURE’s product family has an intuitive interface that allows you to experience and navigate through the vast quantity of available online content, your personal digital music collection and interactive web-based applications such as Facebook© and Twitter©.

    Headlining the US product family is Sensiaâ„¢, a unique, beautifully designed high-powered connected audio system that features a 5.7-inch color touchscreen. Sensia is coming with some friends: the Evoke Flowâ„¢, Sirocco 550â„¢, Siesta Flow â„¢ and Oasis Flowâ„¢.Pure Siesta Flow iDock 2

    PURE’s digital and internet-connected range of radios work together with PURE’s proprietary radio and media portal, the PURE Lounge ( While the radios and the PURE Lounge can function completely independently, when combined they really enhance the your experience, allowing the organization of favorite stations into shared folders and automatically synchronizing content choices on both the radio and the portal.Pure Siesta Flow iDock

    The PURE Lounge also contains content unique to PURE such as PURE Sounds™, a library of over 100 sounds designed to allow you to set the perfect mood or even help your child go to sleep. Further unique and premium content on The PURE Lounge will be available soon. New features and services on PURE’s digital and internet-connected range of radios will be made available through automatic software upgrades.Sensia

    The PURE products being introduced to the US market include:

    • Sensia (MSRP $349): The first digital and internet-connected radio to feature a large high-resolution color touchscreen. Stereo sound, an input for iPod/MP3 players and access to applications such as Facebook and Twitter, offer you the ability to access and control all of your digital content from one central interface. Pure Line
    • EVOKE Flow (MSRP $229): The award-winning EVOKE Flow was the first truly ‘connected’ portable radio. Wireless and powerful, EVOKE Flow gives you access to digital content from almost anywhere.
    • Siesta Flow (MSRP $139): PURE reinvents the alarm clock with the Siesta Flow, bringing the power of the internet to the bedside. Touch sensitive controls, up to 365 alarm settings and a USB PowerPortâ„¢, which provides power for USB accessories.
    • Oasis Flow (MSRP $249): Rugged, weatherproof and exceedingly durable, the Oasis Flow combines internet connectivity with maximum portability.
    • Sirocco 550 (MSRP $449): A complete digital sound system, the Sirocco 550 combines access to internet content with the ability to play digital music from portable iPod and iPhone devices, USB memory drives, SD memory cards and CDs. The Sirocco 550 is powerful enough to be a primary stereo system yet compact enough for bedrooms and small rooms.PURE Oasis Flow

    “PURE has pioneered digital and internet-connected radio worldwide and is bringing state of the art design, world leading technology and an award-winning product family to North America,” said Charles Bellfield, general manager for PURE North America. “Our mission is connecting consumers to the digital and internet-connected audio and social media content of their choice. With products like Sensia we’ve moved beyond audio and are now able to address the connected lifestyle in a market that has been starved of innovation, distinctive design, high quality and great value.” (

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