Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

A DVD projector is rarely something you’d think of as kid friendly.  However, owning one gives kids that movie theater feel within the home.  Hopefully cutting back on costs in the long run and making them more likely to be ok just having friends over to watch movies at home instead of going to the theater.  Well this projector is meant for portability and is brightly colored enough to look great in any kid’s room.portableDVDprojector

As portable as this is, you could always set it up in odd places to make things more interesting.  Like setting up a fort in the attic.  Just pop in a DVD and it’ll project the image onto the wall and play the sound through the projector’s built-in stereo speakers.  It can show up to 50 inches on the wall.  Since it uses LED lights, it doesn’t use quite so much power.  There’s also a spot to plug in a microphone, just in case you’re dying for a karaoke night.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets