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    Intelius Date Check for iPhone and Android Devices- Personal Date Police

    Information-gathering company, Intelius, has released an app called Date Check that in minutes scans billions of publicly available documents stored on numerous databases and hidden in countless files to ascertain if the guy (or girl) you just met is worthy of a second date. Does he/she have a criminal record, hold the job they say, live with mum and dad or a spouse and kids or earn enough to keep you happy? The company says it’s like having a private investigator in your phone but we’re guessing privacy advocates have other ideas.

    Intelius Date Check for iPhone and Android Devices- Personal Date PoliceIn its defense, Intelius says it’s not accessing information acquired by scurrilous means, such as searching through one’s trash, cracking safes or spying with long-lens cameras. It says it has developed proprietary software that synthesizes publicly available information, public records and social network data from thousands of sources – they just get the information much, much quicker and probably cheaper than the average inquisitive Joe or Jane Citizen can.

    Intelius Date Check for iPhone and Android Devices- Personal Date Police 2Intelius says Date Check is a first of its kind mobile application that delivers critical information about potential dates right to your finger tips. Once the free app is downloaded, Date Check only needs a name, phone number or email address to provide information to help you determine whether the person you’ve met minutes ago is worth going out with again. Punch in the information and Intelius goes to work (for a fee) synchronizing billions of public records to provide a top line summary.

    Intelius collects, interprets and delivers information to consumers and businesses online. The company says its helps to facilitate an intelligent and informed decision-making process for our customers in business and life. Intelius offers products and services ranging from basic people search and list management to employment screening and identity theft protection products available. We do much more than deliver reliable and accurate information-we augment, interpret, and present it based on your unique needs, creating valuable and trusted solutions for our millions of customers across lifestyles and industries.

    Sleaze Detector searches criminal records based on a person’s first and last name and state where the conviction occurred. If a criminal record exists, for a few bucks more you run a criminal check through Intelius for the details of the criminal conviction.

    Intelius Date Check for iPhone and Android Devices- Personal Date Police 3Compatibility is a feature that uses date of birth and displays astrological information that gives you insight into his or her personality. The “$ $ $” feature delves into property ownership information, details like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, assessed value and tax information.

    Intelius Date Check for iPhone and Android Devices- Personal Date Police 4The Living Situation feature delivers information about other people associated with a person’s address. Do they live alone, with their parents, or even with a spouse and kids they didn’t mention? The Interest feature searches LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace and dozens of other online social and professional networks to create a summary. Click ‘More Details’ and run an Intelius ‘Social Net Lookup’ for a comprehensive report and links to the various profiles. The reports cost US$19.95 for a Single State Criminal Check (Sleaze Detector); US$14.95 Property & Neighborhood Report (Net Worth); US$9.95 Social Net (Interests); US$1.95 People Search (Living Situation) or US$39.95 for a full Date Check.

    Date Check is available for download on iPhone and Android devices and Blackberry users will soon have access to the app.(

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