Halo Headband Headphones

Halo Headphones now come in a headband. They consist of specially designed high fidelity speakers that can be inserted into a comfortable headband.

Halo Headphones have been designed for wearing while walking, running, cycling or working out at the gym, and if you raise a sweat, the headband is washable as long as you remove the speakers first.

Halo Headband Headphones

The speakers are detachable and slip into openings in the back of the headband. Unlike other headsets with fixed positions for their speakers, the Halo Headphones’ speakers can be adjusted to fit exactly where you want them for maximum comfort and the best sound quality.


The headband keeps the speakers in place without the discomfort some people experience with earbud-type headphone sets. Halo Headphones don’t have hard and bulky plastic casing of traditional headphones, and do not put any pressure on sensitive ears, making them a good choice when listening for long periods, such as on airplanes (they also come with a two-pin airline adapter).

Halo Headphones headbands come in six colors.  Halo also offers a sports model. The base model sells for around $45, while the Sports model goes for around $50.


Published on 15 April 2010