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    Sharp Intros AQUOS Four Primary Color 3-D Televisions

    Sharp is set to unleash its new LV Series of 3D-compatible AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs into the Japanese market. The four new LV Series models will be bundled with 3D glasses and feature the company’s “four-primary-color” technology, which adds yellow to the conventional red, blue and green primary colors to improve the reproduction of colors like yellow, gold and emerald green. Sharp has also announced new LX Series and super slim XF Series 2D AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs and two new AQUOS Blu-ray recorders that support 3-D Blu-ray.

    Sharp Intros AQUOS Four Primary Color 3-D Televisions

    The LV Series AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs boast a claimed 10 percent improvement in power consumption over previous models along with 1.8 times the brightness. Sharp also says the combination of its high-speed LCD drive technology, Scanning LED Backlighting and “Frame Rate Enhanced Driving” signal processing delivers an enhanced 3D viewing experience with reduced lag, and for 3D television “an exceptionally realistic sense of depth and with extremely low crosstalk.”

    Sharp Intros AQUOS Four Primary Color 3-D Televisions 2

    A 3D button on the remote enables what Sharp calls “pseudo” 3D conversion of images shot in 2D on a camera or camcorder. The conversion technology takes place in the glasses, which feature conversion from 3D back to 2D. This could be useful if a group is watching a movie in 3D but one person would prefer to watch it in 2D – all it takes is a push of a button on the glasses.

    Both the LV and 2D LX Series also get an “around-the-screen” eight-speaker system with a Duo Bass woofer (LV/LX Series 60V/52V/46V-inch models), which includes two sub-woofers placed in opposition to reduce vibration. Sound reproduction is handled by Yamaha’s AudioEngine audio chipset, which has been specially tuned for the AQUOS and, according to Sharp, “reproduces sound with a spatial component that is ideally suited for 3D images.”

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    Additional features of the new Sharp range include support for access to the Internet via a wireless LAN router, expanded access to peripheral menus (like Blu-ray players) via the company’s AQUOS Familink HDMI cable connection, and a USB port for hard drive recording of digital content which can be controlled by the remote. The HDD recording also includes a “Frequently Recorded” function where the TV learns your most watched programs and records them automatically.

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    Sharp <> has also announced two new AQUOS Blu-ray Disc Recorders – the BD-HDW700 and BD-HDW70. Both support playback of Blu-ray 3D discs (MPEG4-MVC technical standard), a stereo headphone jack that supports surround sound output, and a new proprietary video compression transcoder that enables recording of two programs simultaneously.

    Published On June 3, 2010.

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