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    netTALK.COM Debuts netTALK DUO™ VoIP Telephone Device

    netTALK’s versatile digital voice service and simple VoIP adapter comes with everything you need to Fire Your Phone Company®, including free local phone number, faxing capabilities, voicemail and more.  It connects directly to the Internet, resulting in savings, convenience and portability, and best of all, you don’t need a PC to use it.  Here’s the release….

    Miami, FL – July 14, 2010 – netTALK.COM, INC. (OTCBB: NTLK), a publicly traded Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) company engaged in the sales of developed products and connectivity network phone service for the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), has revealed its newest creation that gives you everything you need to Fire Your Phone Company®  —  the revolutionary netTALK DUO™.

    Now available for pre-order at a discounted rate of 10 percent, the netTALK DUO offers customers free nationwide calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S. and Canada from anywhere in the world, as well as low-cost international rates. It’s also the most versatile digital phone service available – no monthly fees, no contracts and no computer required.


    Unlike other devices, the netTALK DUO is flexible enough to connect directly to your Internet connection through the router/modem, rather than passively through the computer; although that is also a convenient option with the DUO. Plus, its sleek design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, making it the most portable device of its kind.

    By not relying on a computer to make and receive phone calls, the DUO allows for greater flexibility and phone privacy for single-computer households and families. Additionally, the DUO reduces the wear and tear put on your home or office computer and considerably reduces energy costs, resulting in significant money savings. Plus, with the fax-friendly DUO, there is officially no reason to hold onto your traditional phone service, a unique feature not offered by similar digital phone services.

    The portability of this small device is also great for international travelers who want to place free nationwide calls to the U.S. and Canada, or who are looking for a low-cost solution for international rates. Calls to other netTALK customers are always free.

    The DUO comes with everything you need for a quick set-up, including a 3-ft. Ethernet cable, USB cable and USB adaptor for easy plug-and-play functionality. All the user needs to get started is high-speed Internet and a traditional corded or cordless telephone. netTALK even has nationwide phone number availability for customers in the continental U.S. who want to keep their local area code.


    Additional benefits of the DUO include the choice of a free local telephone number, enhanced 911, free 411directory assistance, call waiting, voicemail and live tech support with specially trained TALK Experts.

    To handle growing demand and expected high call volume, various operation and service upgrades are also in full effect for netTALK. In fact, network operational data centers have already expanded from Miami to multiple new metropolitan areas like Tampa, Beaverton, Houston, Smyrna, Salt Lake, Seattle, Cambridge, Charlotte and New York City, to improve call routing efficiencies and switching procedures, enhancing overall call quality and customer service satisfaction. These new networks also eliminate data bottlenecking and clogged call centers.

    For improved customer engagement, netTALK has also redesigned the interface of its Customer Account Manager web site where users can access enhanced voicemail and E911 capabilities, among others. The local phone number selection process has also been streamlined for improved convenience.

    The netTALK DUO is available for $69.95 including the entire first year of service and only $29.95 each year after (no monthly fees or long term contracts) at It’s a no brainer!  Other phone companies can charge this for only ONE month of service. Plus, for a limited time, customers who pre-order the netTALK DUO will receive a 10 percent discount.

    Published on July 21, 2010

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    David Novak
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