iPod Touch 4th Generation to Have Front-Facing Camera

Images of the fourth generation iPod Touch are flowing in, thanks in part to an accessories manufacturer. Hardmac.com has images of what looks like a new iPod Touch 4th generation, complete with an updated camera and LED flash. While the front of the device looks the same, the back of the device is beveled like the current iPod Touch and has the camera/flash located in the upper left hand corner of the device like the iPhone.

The black plastic patch through which the Wi-Fi antenna signal used to escape is also absent.

Also MacRumors is reporting that they have acquired images of the front LCD screen. The upper ribbon-cable that connections the display to the logic board reads “Apple 2010″ and the part looks extremely similar to the screen used by the iPhone 4. The front panel also has a gap where a front-facing camera would go.