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    Portable Sound Laboratories Launches iMaingo ‘X’

    Portable Sound Laboratories announced Tuesday the release of iMainGo X, an iPhone/iPod/Digital Media Device case that features built-in speakers. According to the company, the speakers are “premium high output stereo speakers” with tuned porting for bass reproduction. The case also features a built-in amplifier to power the speakers.

    The speakers are connected through the headphone jack of your device, and the case includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, two headphone jacks, mic input, plug-in charger, custom travel bag and two carry straps.

    PSL said that the device fits the iPhone, any Apple iPod (except the shuffle), the Microsoft Zune, and most other MP3 players.

    iMainGo X is priced at US$69.99, and is available now through the company’s Web site.

    Here’s the release……


    Ultra-portable Stereo System and Protective Case Compatible with iPhone, iPod and Zune!

    Los Angeles, Calif) October 26, 2010 – Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc, a leading innovator of portable speaker systems, today announces the iMainGo X.  A premium addition to the award-winning iMainGo product line, iMainGo X was designed to offer high-end sound quality and amazing light weight portability to customers who use the iPhone, any Apple iPod, the Microsoft Zune, and most other MP3 players.

    Complete with premium high output stereo speakers, tuned porting for amazing bass reproduction and an ultra-efficient digital music amplifier, the iMainGo X  provides  even greater sound performance and quality than systems many times its size and price. iMainGo X also custom fits and protects all iPods (except Shuffle), iPhone, iPod Touch and most MP3 players.

    iMainGo X can even be used as a premium external speaker system for any device with a 3.5 mm connection, such as the iPad, Kindle, laptop computers, electric guitar, etc. Its innovative daisy-chain feature also enables the user to connect more iMainGo X’s for more sound!

    An amazing value at only $69.99 MSRP (USD), the iMainGo X includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, two headphone jacks, mic input, plug-in charger, custom travel bag and two carry straps.

    “Our goal with the iMainGo brand was to create a new standard in ultra-portable stereo products, providing iPhone, iPod and MP3 users with the best in sound quality and design, at a very affordable price.” said Tim Jacobus, President of Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc. “With the introduction of the premium iMainGo X, we are again raising the sound quality bar, while adding the features that many of our customers have requested. The iMainGo X includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, greater functionality and a more modern look. Once again, we’ve heard our customers, and responded to their needs”.

    About Portable Sound Laboratories

    Founded in 2006, Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc is a leading innovator in portable speaker systems.  Portable Sound Laboratories’ mission is to provide the highest quality, easily affordable ultra-portable speaker systems on the market.  Information about the company and their products is available at

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