The Collective’ steampunk USB drive is the stocking stuffer Jules Verne always wanted

Miffed you didn’t buy that $300 8GB steampunk USB drive  we shared over the summer? Well, the good news is if you’ve got $395 worth of shillings lying around, Will Rockwell’s 16GB steampunk USB drive christened “The Collective” is yours for the taking. Besides its J.J. Abrams-like name, particularly cool details to highlight include a brass manifold featuring four coolant pipes, a large framed cabochon which acts as a service light, and a faux-gauge made from a domed cover and watch hand.

A storage tank serves as a cap for the drive and there’s even a tiny plaque bearing Mr. Rockwell’s engraved John Hancock placed smack dab in the middle. Last but certainly not least, the elaborate thumbdrive ships with a velvet platform and a glass museum case, so that all who visit may bask in its craftsmanship and finally see the rusted version owned by that Victorian-poser down the block as the tetanus carrier it really is.