Facebook getting serious about mobile access

Facebook is not dickin’ around anymore with their mobile presence.  The company began rolling out its revamped mobile website located at m.facebook.com.  Facebook says that the updated version of its mobile site should be easier to use on thousands of different devices, not just strictly robust smartphones.

Facebook’s head of mobile, Erick Tseng, said that it pulls in about 250 million mobile users per month, and the majority of those users are visiting through Facebook’s mobile website — not through standalone applications. Keeping that in mind, Facebook built the new site so that it is properly displayed, no matter what device it’s accessed from. Looking to the future, Tseng said that Facebook will focus on mobile web development, specifically using the HTML5 standard, as opposed to building native applications. “Yes, there is going to be a day when the majority of folks have something that looks more like an Android,” Tseng argued, “but I don’t believe that’s going to happen in the next year, probably not the next two years.” Facebook’s mobile website will roll-out in the next few weeks.