Head YOUTEK IG Instinct MP 16×19 tennis racket review (videos)

Head’s YOUTEK IG Instinct MP 16×19 tennis racket puts the spin back in your game

The latest new gadgets in the game of tennis happen to have “Head” and “Youtek” in their name.  That’s what many pro and club players are saying anyway.  If you want excellent performance all over the court, and “spin” is your secret weapon, you might want to check out [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Heads YOUTEK IG Instinct MP 16×19[/amazon_link].

The MP has a great look and feel. Its slices are unbelievable,  and it has great shot placement on the court.  The serve is a bit challenging at times…hard to hit the sweetspot.  But that’s my problem, isn’t it.  When it does hit the middle of the strings, it pops like a firecracker and makes you feel Federer-esk.

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Cost: $154.99
Where to Buy: [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link]

The YOUTEK Instinct MP features all new aerodynamic frame geometry. It’s new shape is slim and aerodynamic at the top and solid and stable in the shaft. The combination results in higher swing speeds, better maneuverability and less energy loss during impact, providing effortless power.  Players wanting a little extra power and spin from a control racquet will want this racket. Featuring a slightly extended 27.2” length and a much more open string pattern than the 18×20 version, the extra leverage gives this racquet a bit more pop and easier spin generation.

From the baseline, the Instinct MP contacts with the ball with no vibration.  Featuring the new Innegra fibers made popular in the surfboard industry, the [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]YouTek IG Speed MP 16×19[/amazon_link] improves on the previous model by integrating the melt-spun Innegra fibers into the graphite matrix. These low density, high strength fibers give the racquet greater stability, while their unique flex characteristics help to dampen frame vibration for more comfort and feel.

The YouTek technology remains in the Speed line, focusing on the revolutionary d3O material, which has been in tennis gadget news lately.  This smart material is designed to react at impact, locking together on full swings for added control and power, while remaining soft for increased feel on touch shots and slices. The more open 16×19 pattern makes this very spin-friendly for the heavy spin baseline players, while also providing a bit more feel around the court for the all-court style player. The generous sweetspot and increased stability lends a comfortable feel to this racquet. Offering slightly more reach with a livelier stringbed, this frame is a good choice for all court and baseline players.

Head YOUTEK Instinct MP 16×19 stands out with the volley, providing plenty of punch, and its comfortable design dynamics allows much maneuverability when up at the net for those times when quick instincts are needed.  And for the drop shot and touch volley, again, power and give with the Instinct MP 16×19 really shine.

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Finally, the serve and return.  They don’t call this the Speed line for nothing.  The light and quick action of the [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Head YOUTEK Instinct MP 16×19[/amazon_link] facilitates pro-like returns and powerful but controlled serves.  Also, with the slice serve, you can put some serious mustard on that felt.

Technology-wise, The HEAD d3o technology allows a soft touch on volleys and drop shots, but also stiffens the racket when needing an extra power. The [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]IG Instinct MP 16×19[/amazon_link] uses Innegra™ – the world’s lightest high performance fiber in the industry today, which in combination with advanced carbon composite technology, improves stability and shock absorbtion, reducing the vibration on ball impact by up to 17%.  The [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Instinct MP[/amazon_link] comes with a larger comfort DuPont Teflon grommet system in key areas of the frame to reduce friction and increase power.


Bottom line, the [amazon_link id=”B005A6EBEU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Instinct MP[/amazon_link] is a “tight” racket, offering power and spin in a thin and medium-weight racket.  For more information, visit Head Tennis.

Check out the Head YOUTEK IG Instinct video library…