Tactus’ Dynamic Touchscreen to Change Mobile Experience

Tactus revealed a revolutionary new approach to touchscreens at the Display Week of the Society for Information Display in Boston: a layer of the screen that physically bulges out to acts as tactile keys. The technology utilizes microfludics in order to create screens that move on their own depending on the situation.

Demos of Tactus’ new development showed small nubs rise directly from the screen and into the screen areas currently of interest. Once the current user is determined to be done with input, the nubs then recede directly back into the screen, returning it to a flat surface. Applications for the technology include an enhanced and more intuitive users experience, gaming, and even aid for blind individuals capable of reading Braille.

Tactus announced that the technology will be ready for public release by 2013. For a demonstration of the different features of the Tactus, view the included video below from Equanaux: