HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition Preview (video)

HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition

Sprint and HTC just released the One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition, a music-friendly model that comes with a pair of Harmon Kardon headphones, built-in audio equalizer software, and powerful stereo speakers. This is especially cool for those that use their smartphone for listening to music and watching videos with or without headphones.  The HK speakers provide actual stereo sound instead of fabricated stereo, manipulated by software through a single speaker.  The buds are also a very high-end model that Harmon sells stand-alone for $130….but you get them free with this latest phone version.

HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition 2

HTC has done a great job with the M8 line, and this Harmon Kardon edition steps it up a notch. It gives everything that the standard model should have for multimedia users and more. The caveat is the Sprint and HTC software included with this model.  It stinks!  It’s busy, confusing and unorganized.   Having said that, this phone is very well built, powerful and hands-down, the best multimedia smartphone you can buy. Stay tuned for a full review.

Check out the video from PocketNow…