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Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight detects smoke

The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is a connected nightlight with soothing and customizable colors to light your way at night. And when you’re not at your abode, it uses sensors to listen for potential smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, ready to send you a notification if one happens to activate.


Leeo Smart Alert NightlightThe Smart Alert has somewhat of a space-age design, much better than your average nightlight. The front half of the device is made of matte white plastic, while the back where the light comes from is translucent. When plugged in, all you see is Leeo’s logo on the front, beneath a series of holes for the microphone. The Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight measures 3.4 inches around, and including the prongs, 1.9 inches deep.


The Nightlight is currently only compatible with iOS devices, and if you have a device running iOS 7 or later with Bluetooth 4.0, setup is a breeze. All you have to do is download the (free) Leeo app from the App Store, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on, and the app will do the rest. After automatically detecting and connecting to the Nightlight, the app will ask you to create an account and provide the address at which you have the device installed. You’ll also need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network, so the Nightlight can send you notifications when you’re not within Bluetooth range.


The Leo Smart Alert Nightlight App

Simple and clean, the Leeo app’s home screen shows the temperature and humidity of the room in which the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is placed. Below that is a gear icon, which brings up the Settings menu, and a sunlight icon, which allows you to control the color and brightness of the light. Another toggle in the upper left corner slides over a new window that lets you control your account info as well as additional device settings.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is slim

The light feature is set to remain on for as long as the device is plugged in. You can change this by tapping on the main Settings menu, which allows you to select the Ambient Light function. This uses a sensor to automatically turn the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight on when it’s dark, and turn it off when it’s bright. The light emanates in a circle behind the back of the device.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight app lets you change colors and brightness

After tapping on the light icon, you can drag you finger across the color block on screen to select from a possible 16 million colors and different brightness levels. A button for Quick Colors at the top of the screen puts 10 different colors at easy reach.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector…sort of

Besides being a nightlight, the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight also actually listens for smoke or carbon monoxide alarms in your home, and is ready to send a series of notifications if it hears one go off. The app guides you through the process forLeeo Smart Alert Nightlight acts like a smoke detector adding your alarms, which is fairly easy. All you have to do is hit the test function on your smoke or carbon monoxide detector, and the Nightlight will automatically pick up on it if it’s within range. The microphone can hear an alarm from up to 75 feet away. Once added, you are able to select emergency contacts to be notified if you don’t respond to the initial alert.

If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, you’ll get an alarm notification on your phone first, and then an automated phone call if you don’t respond to the notification, all in less than a minute. The notification contains a five-second audio recording, which allows you to identify the sound of the alarm and determine whether it is real or false. It also gives you the option to call 911 if it’s real.

The automated phone call will clearly state the purpose of the call and play the five-second clip to determine the validity of the alarm. If you confirm that it is indeed real, you can choose to be sent a text message with a number of the local fire department, or be given a list of local emergency services.


If you call both the the push notification and the phone call, the app will call your emergency contact you listed during setup. You’ll then get an email telling you that your emergency contact received the alert and verified the alarm.

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight works with tablets

Bottom Line

At $99, you get a pretty cool nightlight and a very unique alert system for fire and carbon monoxide dangers. The Leo Smart Alert Nightlight is the first product for the company, and it’s a winner.

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