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Sugr Cube Intuitive Speaker

Sugr Cube speaker has no buttons

Sugr Cube is the world’s first intuitive Wi-Fi speaker, that directly streams online music, but more notably, it uses intuitive control with touch and motion to play, pause and share music by tapping the top of the device.  To skip a song, tilt the cube right or left.  It literally has no buttons. Sugr Cube stands to change the way we control our consumer electronics. Check out the press release..

Sugr Cube Press Release

Introducing Sugr Cube, the World’s First Intuitive Wi-Fi Speaker
Stream online music with intuitive controls with touch and motion

Sugr Electronics Corp. has announced that its crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter for Sugr Cube, the world’s first intuitive Wi-Fi speaker, is fully funded. Sugr Cube was selected as a “staff picks” and “newsworthy” project within 48 hours by the Kickstarter staff.  Sugr Cube has surpassed its funding goal of $40,000 with 6 days remaining in their crowd-funding campaign.

Sugr Cube is a Wi-Fi speaker that allows users to directly stream online music.  What makes Sugr Cube so unique is its intuitive control with touch and motion and it is designed without any buttons. To play, pause and share music on Sugr Cube tap the top of the Cube. To skip a song, tilt the cube right or left.

Sugr Cube also allows users to simultaneously listen to music with friends anywhere and delivers music with perfect sound quality. The Cube is designed without any cables and streams music directly over Wi-Fi. Smartphones can be used as the Cubes remote controller and a built-in rechargeable battery lasts for seven hours of music playback.  http://www.sugrsugr.com/Sugr Cube delivers great sound qualitySugr Cube will revolutionize the way people find and share music intimately. You can be in New York and have a friend in London and share and listen to the same playlist at the same time,” said Sean Song, Inventor and Founder, Sugr Electronics Corp. 

Song invented Sugr Cube because he wanted a more intimate music listening experience with his young son.  “I played music to Leo every day on my phone, but it was often interrupted. It was awful. I was thinking philosophically that Smartphones are too crowded with push messages and the music experience is not pure anymore.”


Sugr Cube’s other innovative features include:

Playback Control: Sugr Cube is designed for you to feel your music freely, all you need to do is just tap it, flip it and tilt it.

On Trend Entertainment: Sugr Cube directly streams online music or Internet radio via Wi-Fi. It works perfectly even when smartphones are switched off. So music is just music – interruption free.  Currently Sugr Cube supports iTunes music, Pandora, BBC radio and Douban FM. You can also transfer your favorite music from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices to Sugr Cube. The built-in storage is good for hundreds of songs.

Enjoy music with friends remotely: 
Just use the companion app to pair your Cube with your friends’ Cubes, you can listen to the same music or playlist at the same time, no matter how far away you are from each other. With the companion app, you can have easy Wi-Fi setup, multi-room control, sleeping mode and alarm, and keep updating your cube with new features. The app runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Android and other devices will be supported soon. One device can control up to 16 Sugr Cubes. You can put different Cubes in different rooms.

Sugr Cube controlled by app

Social Network Friendly: Once you connect Sugr Cube with your Facebook account on the companion app, the playing music can be shared on your Facebook by gently pressing the cap of Sugr Cube. Using the companion app to select someone from your Facebook contact list, then to double-tap the cap of Sugr Cube, it will delivers the playing music to his/her Cube at anywhere of the world.  

Minimalist Design: Sugr Cube has an iconic design and comes in cherry and maple, so buyers can select the wood veneer to blend perfectly into their home.

Sugr Cube has an estimated MSRP of $199.00 and will be available worldwide July 2015. Sugr Cube’s Kickstarter pre-order price is $119.00 with a campaign end date of February 12, 2015. 


transfer your favorite music from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices to Sugr Cube

Stay tuned for a full review…

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