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Netatmo Presence Review

Netatmo Presence is indoor and outdoor camera

The Presence from the house of Netatmo is the perfect way to ensure optimum safety of your residential or commercial property. It is a hi tech outdoor security camera which integrates an advanced technology that enables it to differentiate between an animal, a vehicle and a human, and subsequently respond accordingly.

Netatmo Presence differentiates between objects

Netatmo Presence- How it works

With its powerful daytime and night visions, this revolutionary device is designed to capture video recordings around the clock, 24 hours a day, but save the recording only when a preset trigger is detected within the surroundings. For instance, if you wish to set up your Netatmo Presence only to respond to human movement and ignore any vehicles passing by, your camera will instantly start saving a recording wherein a human is detected within its coverage area, and send you an alert regarding the same as well. Pretty advanced, huh?


With its powerful sensors, the Netatmo Presence is able to make highly precise and accurate identification of even the slightest movement within its coverage area. So, even if there is a human foot detected within the coverage area, the camera will instantly spring into action and alert you about the presence of a human outside your house. The recognition is more accurate and crisp if the camera is installed horizontal to the floor.

Netatmo Presence has an app

All you need to do is install the Netatmo security app and set up the angle and coverage area for your security camera. The warning system sends instant alerts to your Smartphone, the moment a movement is detected within its pre set coverage area.

Netatmo Presence produces great video

Image and Sound Quality

Considering the clarity of HD video, the Netatmo Presence produces high-resolution video and we would consider it one of the best in class external security cameras available in really any given price segment. The 16 GB memory card supported with FTP and Dropbox integration ensures that you can enjoy a carefree day out and a sound and trouble free night sleep knowing that your security companion will capture a live video recording of anyone and anything suspicious that comes within its radar, regardless of the time of day.

Despite the fact that its powerful audio sensors will pick up even the noise of strong winds, the camera will allow you to overhear all conversations that occur in its vicinity, thanks to its noise differential sensor. Additionally, you’ll be able to watch the live streaming videos, albeit with a time lapse of a few seconds.

Netatmo Presence is easy to install

How to install the Netatmo Presence?

While there a few holes on the exterior casing of the Netatmo Presence, its body has been designed with the HZO waterproofing technology that ensures absolute protection against humidity and even torrential downpour. The manufacturer offers the option of choosing between wiring the camera to your pre-installed external light fixtures, or use the built in light provided with the Netatmo Presence.

Netatmo Presence attaches to external wall

You can attach the camera to its mounting on any external wall of your house with the help of the screws provided. Once the camera has been adequately secured and installed, you can download the Netatmo security app on your Smartphone and sync the two by waving the QR code in front of the camera. Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi and you are ready to go.

Netatmo Presence has no subscription costs

Should you buy it?

For anyone who wishes to notch up their home security, the Netatmo Presence is an incredible investment which ensures that you stay well informed and alerted about any suspicious movements around your property. Considering the major popularity of its previous offering, the Welcome, as a security camera brand, Netatmo has secured significant brownie points in terms of its reputation in the market.

Netatmo Presence has software that receives updates

The best part about Presence however is, that it does not include any hidden subscription costs to keep it running. Although, the installation might appear a bit on the trickier side, you will have to do it only once. Keeping your camera in sync with latest updates will also help improve its recognition software and enable more accurate differentiation of inanimate objects from living beings. All in all, the Netatmo Presence is a great buy for strengthening the security of your home and ensuring safer living at all times.

You can purchase the Netatmo Presence for around $299.99 here.

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