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    LeEco Le Pro3 Smartphone Review

    LeEco Le Pro3 Smartphone Review

    Le Pro3 comes in 64GB or 32GB

    In today’s intensely competitive technology market, LeEco has made it a point to carve its niche and spread its wings across multiple segments of the industry. From recently unveiling an electric car and bike to introducing a smart TV that will change content delivery forever, the Beijing based company has left no stone unturned when it comes to expanding its presence across all of the major tech channels. However, the definitive beachhead of the flagship still remains its Android based Smartphone lineup.

    With a bunch of tweaks and upgrades to its predecessor the Le Max Pro, which boasted being one of the very first Smartphones to sport the latest Snapdragon 820, the brand recently unveiled a new and improved version called the Le Pro 3.

    LeEco Le Pro3 has Snapdragon 820 processor

    Le Pro3 Design and Build Quality

    While it seems to be heavily inspired by the design of OnePlus 3, LeEco Le Pro 3 houses some highly advanced and cutting technology enhancements that render it a class apart from the rest in its segment. Sporting a super glossy metallic finish, the Le Pro 3 has switched the conventional capacitive home buttons on the bottom edge of the screen with a powerful fingerprint sensor at the back of the body.

    LeEco Le Pro3 has fingerprint scanner

    Despite its massive 5.5 inch screen size, the Pro 3 facilitates easy handling with one hand given its thicker frame that also prevents accidental slippage and falls. The one intriguing aspect of the Le Pro 3 is the absence of a headphone jack, which requires the user to employ an adapter for tethering to the USB port.  Given its chic yet elegant design, the Le Eco wins several brownie points over its rival contemporaries in the market. However, speaking of its stark resemblance to the OnePlus 3, it would have been interesting to witness something different for a change.

    LeEco Le Pro3 has impressive specs

    The Hardware Specs

    Moving over to the hardware specs of the Smartphone, the Le Pro 3 fairs impressively well in terms of call connectivity and quality that allow for uninterrupted, clear and crisp conversations on either end. While a chunk of the users might end up distressing over the nonexistent headphone jack, the dual speakers more than make up for it by their outstanding audio quality that ensures an enthralling experience for streaming Youtube Videos to playing games.

    LeEco Le Pro3 has no headphone jack

    Taking its cue from the recent launch of Moto Z and iPhone 7, the Le Pro 3 requires you to use an adapter (offered by the manufacturer) to attach your wired headphones to the device, or simply go hands free by using a Bluetooth headset. While the fingerprint sensor poses a few issues with waking and unlocking the phone, we expect the responsiveness to get refined in future software updates.


    The standard base model of Le Pro 3 offers an impressive storage capacity of 32GB, with two premium versions of 64GB and 128GB memory available as well. Given the fact that Le Pro 3 doesn’t offer an expandable memory card slot, you might want to consider weighing your options in terms of internal memory storage and go for the one that suits your requirement of media and applications. The powerful 4070mAh battery offers outstanding operation and standby times, both of which are hard to find in most heavily loaded Smartphones these days.

    LeEco Le Pro3 has 16MP camera

    The 16MP Primary Camera along with 4K video recording is good enough for clicking decent pictures and videos with heavy detailing in adequate lighting and softer images in low light. On the other hand the selfies taken from the front 8MP camera have a little noise which goes largely unnoticed. The overall camera experience of Le Pro 3 is darn good considering the price range it belongs to.

    LeEco Le Pro3 comes in 4 colors


    Software and Performance

    The powerful Snapdragon 821 does a superb job of facilitating high performance multitasking. While the 4 GB RAM variant might encounter a bit of lag during heavy duty gaming sessions, the premium 64 GB version makes switching between applications pretty smooth and seamless.


    In terms of its software, the EUI of the Le Pro 3 offers an amazing design and functionality experience with a user friendly layout that facilitates quick access to setting tools and the like. With its video streaming apps such as NetFlix, Showtime and SeeSo, the LE Ecosystem provides an all encompassing media experience to its users who might or might not prefer going for paid subscriptions of these services.

    LeEco Le Pro3 comes in 4 colors

    Should you buy it?

    With the spectacular specifications and a very sleek design, the Le Pro 3 offers one of the most valuable smartphone devices for the money in really any given price segment. With its base model priced at a reasonable $299, the Smartphone is a great buy for an average user who wishes to have a device which offers some of the most competitive tools and functionalities in the market. The LeEco Le Pro 3 offers a reliable and affordable Android experience combined with good looks and strong performance. You can purchase it here.

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