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    Play Online Casino Games Anywhere with these Tech Devices

    20-years ago, if you wanted to trade in those dollars for gambling chips and roll the dice at life, you were limited to brick and mortar casino halls in those places we all love so dearly… Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, etc. Today it’s a lot easier. Online casinos are a plenty, and with some of these more sophisticated sites, like Casino Billions, you can not only play your favorite gambling games anywhere, anytime, but you can also find out where the best online casinos are, and even read trusted reviews from those respected in the casino industry. If your game is Texas Holdem, there’s a site for that. If you like poker, slot games, blackjack, roulette…it’s all online, all the time.

    Any of those casino games can be played online at any of the online casino websites listed in this list at

    Yes, the world of gambling has experienced a complete metamorphosis, and now it’s easier than ever to play your favorite casino games with just a click of the mouse or a swipe of the screen. We live in exciting times with advancements in technology, and for years now, the online casino has taken advantage of it. With cutting-edge platforms, superior gaming options and imaginative user interfaces, mobile devices of today have made online gaming a new, convenient and super-interactive experience. It’s almost better than being at the Mirage, Bellagio, Palms or MGM.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you or someone in your family owns a digital smart device, whether that be a notebook PC, a smartphone, a tablet or even a smartwatch. Let’s look briefly at ways you can play casino games online:

    Online Casinos

    SmartWatches and Gaming Consoles

    Let’s start with the latest and greatest. Gaming consoles have added a category to their ever-expanding repertoire…gambling. And boy are these games popular. From PlayStation to XBOX, gaming boxes give you a ton of options to play various games and from various vendors. You simply set up online accounts, and away you go.

    Online Casinos

    And who would have ever thought we could gamble from our wrist. Yes, the emerging market of Smartwatches allow us to do that. With an Apple Watch, a Google Wear Watch or other smartwatches, software developers are now making it possible to load gambling apps on these devices, and play to your hearts content. Instead of checking the time, you can check your blackjack hand, and see how much you’ve won. If you have a relatively fast browser on your smartwatch, you can even play games online without an app.

    Online Casinos

    Desktops and Laptops

    Desktops and laptops are probably where online casino sites began. And arguably, they are probably the best and most diverse gameplay platform around. With advancements in hardware and cloud software, casino games are better than ever. Robust graphical interfaces, large RAM bands and next-gen speedy processors make gaming fast and exciting. These components also support the capability of multi-level and multi-player gaming, which adds to the gaming thrill, and allows a more authentic experience of actually being in a gambling experience. You can even get to know your opponents and your dealers without ever stepping into a casino.

    Online Casinos

    Smartphones and Tablets

    And finally, let’s not forget perhaps the most popular way to play online casino games…with the smartphone. Smartphones and their processors are narrowing the gap with PCs, thanks to advancements in multi-core processors, OLED screens and memory management. And with 4G networks, (and 5G in the works), nowadays, technology helps us to stay connected anywhere, everywhere, and with the speed that rivals that of desktops and laptops.

    Online Casinos

    Analysts predict that eventually the smartphone and smart tablet device will replace and do away with traditional PCs. Why? Because smartphones and tablets are easier to use, more intuitive, easier to power up, take less energy and engine to run, and are just damn convenient. Additionally, software and online interfaces are also making this a reality, and they are optimized for these devices. With just a tap, you can log into your favorite site or open up your favorite gambling app, and start playing.

    There’s no stopping the offerings will see with online digital casinos, and what we’ll see in the near future. New technology and new devices are being developed every day. And with the augment of virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic imaging, we could see online gaming platforms evolve into something we wouldn’t have dreamed of 5-years ago.

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