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Apple Entry-level and Mini iPads Coming

Apple has recently registered new iPad models in the Eurasian Economic Commission reference database. The Moscow-based commission manages a product database much like the FCC in the U.S. And there is evidence that Apple is about to launch a new iPad mini 5 and an updated entry-level iPad.

That database shows two different filings that both mention new tablets that run iOS 12. The first filing mentions five different models, while the second one mentions two different models. Usually, each configuration gets a different model number depending on storage and LTE capabilities.It jives with previous rumors that mentioned a new iPad mini and a new cheap iPad for early 2019. Experts expect an updated iPad mini with a 7.9-inch display. The device hasn’t been updated for years and many believed that Apple would stop updating it. But people still do love the line, and Apple is banking on it.

When it comes to the standard-size iPad, Apple last updated the 9.7-inch iPad in March 2018. While all eyes are on the iPad Pro, many people are still looking for the cheapest iPad they can get. And the $329 9.7-inch iPad is a good deal. Apple usually updates that model every year.

Today’s filings don’t say what those devices will look like, and it’s unclear if the company is going to switch to USB-C, add a Face ID sensor, or reduce the bezels of those devices.

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