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    VARRAM Review: A Smart Pet Fitness Robot

    VARRAM Review: A Smart Pet Fitness Robot

    VARRAM is a company that combines technology with pet toys. The Smart Pet Toys manufacturer announced their new Pet Smart Toy in the beginning of the year; the VARRAM Pet Fitness Smart Robot. VARRAM designed this Pet Fitness Robot with the help of vets & trainers and developed it with features that help pets adapt mentally and physically. Pets of all personalities can easily adjust to the robot with the included training guides and video tutorials, found on the company’s YouTube page. This helps pet owners keep both cats and dogs engaged and stimulated.

    The VARRAM Pet Fitness Smart Toy is made from FDA approved Polycarbonate & Silicone, measuring 6.49 inches long by 5 inches wide by 4.05 inches tall. Inside the box users will find the VARRAM Pet Fitness Smart Robot, a USB charging cable, a 5V USB power adapter and some attachments. The Smart Robot comes equipped with a 9 Core IMU sensor, allowing it to detect touch from your pet. It has a high-speed precision position detection algorithm to recognize the location, direction and amount of the force in 3D.

    By opening the device’s hatch (located on the back) users can charge the 3.7V, 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery via the 3.5 inches wide by 0.7 inch tall input power slot. The same process is used to connect the robot with user’s newly registered accounts within the smartphone app, via a 4.2 Bluetooth Wireless Connection. After registration, users just need to connect the robot to the charging cable, turn on the robot with the ON/OFF switch that’s located on the back of the device and the robot will be connected to the smartphone app. From the back of the device, users can also remove the secondary top lid, where the treat dispenser storage space is located. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last over 24 hours when using the resting time (idle time) feature or it lasts 4 hours when used continuously, assuring that your pets stay active.

    The corresponding smartphone app packs a lot of features, offering configurable AI automatic driving, allowing users to set the device’s speed to fit their pet’s characteristics. There’s also a configurable treat reward feature and an activity tracking feature that lists a detailed history of events. Owners can also apply different profiles for different pets.

    Owners can schedule play times and configure treat tosses, so the VARRAM will automatically move and start tossing treats with the respective setup. Users can also schedule resting time. The Pet Fitness Smart Robot is able to operate between 14~114ºF (-10~45ºC), covering temperature ranges of most countries. Whether it’s a hot or cold day, your pet is assured to have a bit of playtime every day. Lastly, there’s a Manual Play feature, allowing users to easily control the smart toy with the VARRAM App. Users are able to move the device around with a virtual joystick and choose from a variety of preset motions. And with just a tap, they can toss treats and play various sounds to engage their pet.

    VARRAM is currently selling their Pet Fitness Smart Robot with an applied discount. The Pet Fitness Smart Toy is currently priced at $129 (over its original price of $149 – saving you $20), so if you’re interested in getting yours, head over to VARRAM’s website. You can find it Click Here.

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