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ZipKord Retractable Solutions – Untangle Your World

While the constant evolution of technology has brought us portable devices that we can easily pack on our backpacks or bags before going to work, some negative aspects were also brought along associated with these devices; one of these negative factors are tangled wires. Tangled wires are dangerous within your work environment, they’re messy, and can easily kill your productivity if you are constantly required to focus your attention on untangling the cables mess, with tangled cables like the charging cable for a portable device, earphones cables, etc.

As a result, the use of electrical wired devices in the office environment has grown significantly in recent times. A UK survey found that a typical employee workstation had a minimum of six wired devices, translating to over 65 ft (20 m) of exposed cabling around their workstation. Multiplying that with all the other employee workstations in the office, while also adding communal areas that also have shared electrical devices with wired cables will ultimately result in a business with a serious health, safety, and productivity problem.

But avoiding this problem is simple and easy. ZipKord Solutions offers innovative solutions that untangle your world and provide unique products that integrate the latest technology with style and quality. The company has 3 different retractable cable solutions available that will keep your cables short and tight, preventing them from getting tangled with others.

The first model is a Retractable USB-C Cable that provides USB-A to USB-C connectivity. The second model is a Retractable Micro-USB Cable that provides USB-A to Micro-USB (M) connectivity. And the company’s third model is a Retractable Lightning for Apple Cable that provides USB-A to Lightning (M) connectivity. All the three models feature 2A of Power Throughput, a USB 2.0 480Mbps Data Transfer Rate, and 39 inches (1M) of cable length. All solutions are available in 6 popular colors.

ZipKord Retractable Solutions

Any retractable solution by ZipKord can be easily kept in your bag with other devices and their corresponding cables. with the assurance that it will work well without ever getting entangled. Not only it prevents your extra cables from getting tangled up, but it also charges your phone when needed. These retractable solutions prove to be really handy when you’re constantly on the go.

While the promo market is flooded with really cheap versions of these retractable cable solutions, retailers usually buy these solutions in bulk, getting the cheap versions that feature really poor quality. All solutions by ZipKord offer retractable cable quality, ease of use and simplicity of cable management, and are built to last at least 1000 pulls (meaning if used once a day, will last over 2 years). These versatile solutions offer cable organization while ensuring safety, and are equipped with self-stop or self-lock features.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to restock on retractable cable management solutions or someone looking for the same type of solution for all your company co-workers, ZipKord sells these by bulk. A 21-unit Retractable USB Type-C Cable Bag goes for $152. A 42-unit Retractable Micro-USB Cable Bag goes for $168. And lastly, a 21-unit Retractable Apple Lightning Cable Bag is available for $204. All solutions can be found at ZipKord’s official website, by clicking here.

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