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    Phase Dock – Professional WorkBench Project Development Kit for all Electronic Projects

    If you’re an engineer, hobbyist (Maker), STEM student (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) or educator, experimenting and building innovative projects that use electronics can easily get messy. These projects include all types of electronics like nanocomputers (such as Raspberry Pi), microcontrollers (such as Arduino), sensors and motors. Phase Dock Professional WorkBench Project Development Kit

    Phase Dock Inc. is a company that’s focused on developing solutions for IoT (Internet of things) and Maker Projects. These solutions mainly offer more innovation and less frustration for any project maker. This brings us to the Phase Dock, a WorkBench Project Development Kit.

    The Phase Dock is your source for project and prototyping systems, helping you to replace all the duct tape, ties and rubberbands that are commonly used to hold in place the electronics that are used in these projects. By using any Phase Dock Kit, every project maker is presented with a high-quality WorkBench Project Development Kit that makes their electronics project look much more professional, while also allowing the engineers behind each project to build them in a faster and easier way.

    The Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit is very easy to use. Every electronic component just clicks in and firmly stays in place for as long as it’s needed. The Phase Dock helps makers and engineers to create less messy and more elegant electronic prototypes, allowing them to come up with professional looking electronic projects.

    One of Phase Dock’s most complete solutions is the WorkBench 1010 Project Development Kit, but you can also find more basic ones, especially for engineers that are just starting their first electronic project (like the WorkBench 1007 Starter PDK, which is currently going for $50).

    PHASE Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit

    The WorkBench 1010 Project Development Kit comes with a Black Gloss Base with 10×10 matrix (81 sq in of work surface), which is where users will have their slides/adapters for the electronic boards. It also includes Four Slides/Adapters for Arduino (2 ea), Raspberry Pi 2/3 (1 ea), and Feather/Particle (1 ea) boards.

    PHASE Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit

    The WorkBench 1010 PDK (Project Development Kit) also includes a Clear acrylic Cover that will help you protect any electronic projects from unwanted touching. This is the perfect Phase Dock tool for any teacher who wants to help their students protect their project before the next class, or even for any homeowner with curious pets.

    Thermapen Mk4

    The kit also comes with Six Clicks of 2 different sizes, which are used to mount electronics. These Attachable Clicks feature 3D-printed feet that assure a firm lock to the main base/main work surface (10×10 matrix, 81sq Black Gloss Base).

    PHASE Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit

    The WorkBench 1010 PDK also comes with a small 1010 Hardware packet that includes some zip-ties, screws of different sizes, bolts, and much more. All these hardware pieces are used to keep your electronics in place. If you’re interested in knowing more about the WorkBench 1010 Project Development Kit, you can find any extra contents specifications on this page.

    The WorkBench 1010 PDK provides engineers with a workspace and extra components to make larger or more complex projects look amazing and professional. Any engineer or project maker would certainly be happy to own one of these.

    This Complete Guide offers detailed instructions for every different kit offered by the company and it helps project makers to use any WorkBench Project Development Kit from Phase Dock.

    All WorkBench Project Development Kits made by Phase Dock allow project makers to quickly and easily create professional grade projects. These kits ensure that engineers are no longer forced to use things like plywood, hot-glue or paperclips to secure their electronics in place. All Phase Dock Project Development Kits allow engineers to turn messy projects into awesome ones within minutes.

    PHASE Dock WorkBench Project Development Kit

    If you’re looking to buy Phase Dock’s WorkBench 1010 Project Development Kit, this specific kit is currently going for $85. You can find it at Phase Dock’s official website, on this page.

    However, if you want to check out all the different Phase Dock WorkBench Project Development Kits available, or even just buy some specific parts for a WorkBench PDK that you already own, you can browse through all the currently available products at Phase Dock’s shopping page, by clicking here.

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