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    The UAG Monarch Google Pixel 4 Case (5.7″ screen) Keeps Your Google Pixel 4 Safe

    If you happen to be the proud owner of a Google Pixel 4 and you need a smartphone case that can properly protect your precious smartphone, then we’ve got some great news for you. UAG just recently released their UAG Monarch Google Pixel 4 Case.

    Urban Armor Gear LLC (UAG) is a California based company that manufactures branded, patented, and rugged protective cases for mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Urban Armor Gear LLC was acquired by HKW (Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company Inc) during last year’s summer (August 2018).

    Just like the UAG MONARCH Case for the iPhone 11 (6.1″) and the UAG PLYO Case for the iPhone 11 Pro (5.8″), this brand-new UAG Monarch Series Case for the Google Pixel 4  is designed to keep your Pixel 4’s screen safe and sound, ensuring it stays fully protected from any falls.

    Let’s take a look at the UAG Monarch Case for Google Pixel 4.


    The Monarch Series Google Pixel 4 Case is handcrafted, featuring a feather-light composite construction that offers 5 layers of protection against any drops, as well as a sleek, translucent, minimalist design that meets double the military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6).  Its strongest layer is its top grain leather layer.

    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case
    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case

    The UAG Monarch Series Case for the Google Pixel 4 also features a soft impact-resistant core, and comes equipped with a honeycomb-pattern traction grip on its side, making the case rugged enough to withstand most drops. Its outer honeycomb-pattern rubber layer provides some extra grip when holding the case.

    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case
    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case

    The case also comes equipped with additional metal screws that can be found on three of the four total corners for increased consistency. These additional metal screws help to keep all the layers of the case together, which ultimately results in some extra protection.

    All of these design features basically mean that the Monarch Series Google Pixel 4 Case packs more premium elements together than in any other common smartphone case available on the market.

    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case - Hard Rubber Outline
    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case – Hard Rubber Outline

    The UAG Monarch Series Case for the Google Pixel 4 also comes with oversized tactile buttons on its sides, which are 100% compatible with the Google Pixel 4 (5.7″). The case also offers its users a protective screen surrounding – this is a hard rubber outline that works as an extra layer of protection – offering even more protection in case you accidentally drop your Google Pixel 4 with its screen facing the floor.


    The UAG Monarch Case for Google Pixel 4 is compatible with Google Pay and wireless charging, as well as the Pixel Stand (allows you to charge your Google Pixel 4 via Qi wireless charging).

    Lastly, the case is also compatible with Active Edge, a feature that allows the smartphone to launch apps, dismiss alarms or trigger any action when the user squeezes the smartphone – this can be customized via the settings so that the feature triggers only the actions that the users choose.


    The Monarch Series Google Pixel 4 Case is a sturdy smartphone case that features a premium design and precise engineering, offering your Google Pixel 4 a case that meets double the Military Standards for drop and shock protection.

    UAG’s brand-new Monarch Case for the Google Pixel 4 (5.7″) can easily protect your Google Pixel 4 against any drops, shocks, and impacts. The case fits the Google Pixel 4 extremely well, looks absolutely beautiful, feels great whenever you hold it in either hand, and offers the most rugged protection available on the market; all of this coming in a sleek smartphone case that easily fits in your pocket.

    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case - 2 Different Models
    UAG Monarch Pixel 4 Case – 2 Different Models

    The case is currently available in 2 different models: Crimson (black leather background with crimson-red alloy metal hardware), and Black (Full-black-leather background with black alloy metal hardware).

    If you’re interested in getting a UAG Monarch Google Pixel 4 Case, each unit is currently priced at $60, coming together with a 10-year limited warranty. You can get yours right now at Urban Armor Gear’s official shopping page, by clicking this link.

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