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For any proud RV owner, staying prepared at all times is of the most importance, and that all starts with the most basic resource, which is water, of course. Buying safe-to-drink bottled water while you’re on the road with your RV can by quite costly, and obviously, there’s also the unnecessary trips to the store to get that same bottled water, which just ends up making a bigger dent on your wallet when it comes to gas spent just to get such a basic resource. However, there’s a handy gadget out there that brings all RV owners a safe way to drink water from any trustworthy water source, all without having the need to constantly travel back and forth to get new stacks of bottled water, ultimately saving you both time and money. Meet the CLEAR2O RV AND MARINE INLINE WATER FILTER (CRV2006 model).

The CLEAR2O RV Water Filter is an advanced high-quality water filter designed for outdoors enthusiasts, as it integrates a proprietary solid carbon block that’s guaranteed to filter any contaminants within a chosen water source all the way down to one single micron, meaning something that’s 70 times smaller than a human hair.

Since camping water is necessary for drinking, rinsing, cooking, and showering, the Clear2O RV Water Filter is the perfect tool to have around at your campsite to successfully block any potential harmful contaminants and sediments within your campground’s water source.

As such, this highly reliable water filter is the ideal water filtration tool to have around for both proud RV owners as well as marine users.

With it, you’re guaranteed to never again have to drive to the store just to shop for bottled water during your camping trips, thus excluding the need for the unwanted heavy lifting while also eliminating the cost of driving to the store and all that hard-earned money that would be spent on unfairly overpriced bottled water.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the CLEAR2O RV AND MARINE INLINE WATER FILTER (CRV2006)


Starting with the water filter’s design, the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter features a durable wide body that ultimately allows you to get a higher water flow.

Thanks to the filter’s ultra-compact design, portability is also ensured at all times. Since this water filter actually features quite a small size, you can easily take it with you in any of your future outdoors adventures.

This high-quality water filtration system is only composed by premium, ultra-durable materials, and as such, it can easily withstand any temperatures, and that even includes lower temperatures, which ultimately allows you to use this water filter in cold weather.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t use it “freezing” weather as water within the filter might end up freezing, which will temporarily prevent the filter from working, obviously.

It’s also worth to mention that this portable high-quality water filter also comes with two super convenient storage end caps included, and by using these, you can ensure that your CLEAR2O RV Water Filter is always protected from any outside contaminants.


What ultimately allows the CLEAR2O RV AND MARINE INLINE WATER FILTER (CRV2006) to effectively filter any contaminants from any trustworthy water source all the way down to one single micron (=70 times smaller than a human hair) is its proprietary solid carbon block.

Contrarily to standard water filters, which integrate granular carbon filtration layers, the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter integrates one full solid carbon block for a better water filtration process, and that’s exactly how this ultra-reliable water filtration system can always filter any contaminants within selected water sources all the way down to one single micron.

However, be aware that for some areas with high sediment and higher levels of particulates, relying just on this water filtration system’s superior one micron filtration solid carbon block to filter your water might not be enough.

As such, you might need to use a pre-filter attachment right before the main system (the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter) when setting everything up to ultimately prevent low water flow rates as well as clogging within the system’s filter.


While standard water filters designed for RV users are only rated to be able to block impurities within your water sources from 20 to 100 microns, as they only integrate granular carbon filtration layers, the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter can easily outperform any standard brands.

That’s mainly because of its already mentioned internal solid carbon block, which ultimately ensures that you always get a better water filtration process.


Thanks to the water filtration system’s solid carbon block filtration layer, you’re ensured to get a reduced amount of chlorine within your filtered water, as well as a better taste and odor, as the system’s solid carbon block also helps to eliminate the unpleasant sulfur taste and odor from campground water (as well as any other potential bad tastes and odors).

Furthermore, by filtering potentially harmful components/contaminants within your selected water source all the way down to one micron, you can also use the CLEAR2O RV Water Filtration System to reduce the levels of Heavy Metals (like Lead and Mercury) within your filtered water, as well as the levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – like Benzene, for example), Pesticides, Herbicides and Pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to all of the benefits provided by the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter, you can ultimately use this water filtration system in any of your RV trips to get clear, fresh water for any of your needs, whether that’s cooking, drinking, showering, etc.

Not only that, but the system can also be used out of your RV water tank to improve the taste and odor of your drinking water.


Installing the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter is also as easy as you’d hope for, as all you have to do is connect its hose and/or water tap adapters (in each end of the water filter) to a hose or water tap (respectively) and you’ll be ready to start filtering some nice, fresh water.

Setting up this water filtration system should only take you a few seconds. With this reliable water filtration system you can quickly enjoy clean delicious safe-to-drink fresh water right from the comfort of your RV or boat.

This water filtration system should last you around 3- 6 months of use, but that will mainly depend on how regularly you use it as well as the quality of the water that you’re looking to filter (water sources that are harder to filter, i.e. containing more contaminants will degrade the system’s solid carbon block at a quicker pace).


Be aware that you should always connect the CLEAR2O RV Water Filter to known / trustworthy water sources.

Furthermore, remember to always use a water pressure regulator whenever you can, as this should help to increase the system’s internal solid carbon block’s durability.


The CLEAR2O RV AND MARINE INLINE WATER FILTER is a highly reliable water filtration system for RV owners and marine users that can perfectly filter any unwanted particles from trustworthy water sources all the way down to one micron.


If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $35. You can order yours online right now, directly from CLEAR2O’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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