How Technology has Changed the Whole Cotton and Textile Industry?

Cotton and Textile Industry

Science and technology have always been the root of development. Technical innovations make our work easier and help us to take a step towards more productivity. Due to technological advancement in the whole cotton and textile industry, now we even get to buy T-shirts from our favorite movies and web series.

T-shirts based on movies and web series
T-shirts based on movies and web series

Another aspect of technology has made it possible to shop movie t-shirt online without stepping out of your home or even from your smartphone. In earlier times, very minimal technological usage was involved in the textile industry, like the most basic technology was used for spinning the wheel and making it into yarn. After that, for changing the fabric through a process known as weaving.


Hands were the only set of tools used for doing a lot of different processes, which include terracotta, beads design, semi-precious stones work, coloring, and many others. However, it was very time taking, and getting one product ready was quite a time taking process.

Using hands to manufacture clothing
Using hands to manufacture clothing

Therefore, technological innovations have brought a productive change in the textile industry and at the same time, the value that was put in for making the product is not needed anymore.

3 Advantages Brought by The Technological Change in The Whole Cotton and Textile Industry

With Boulton and Watt’s steam motor and Cartwright’s loom, the spinning mule was the first invented tool to fulfill the aim of constructing a mechanized textile industry. After that, the industries aimed to create materials with less hard work, quickie, and low investment, which led us to the industrial change that we see today.

There are some significant advantages brought by technological development in the whole cotton and textile industry like now you can buy the best t-shirts for men from your comfort zone without stepping out of the home. Keep scrolling to find out some other major benefits.

Improved Quality Monitoring

Fiber neps, seed-coat, or trash particles are the visible unwanted matters in the cotton, which can affect the fabric appearance, yarn, and even decrease the efficacy of machines. Therefore, to find out the particles in cotton, an analyzer is used that is made of micro card, and its trunks the raw cotton into thin uniform without eliminating the impurities.

After that, to classify the unwanted particles in terms of number and size, it is scanned through a CCD camera and processed by the imaging system. Finally, this information plays a vital role in upgrading the quality and efficiency of cotton in the blow room and during the carding process.

Better Production

Earlier, most of the production technology involved human integration, which made the production process a lot of time taking and stressful. For example, Indian textile work intricately depended on both decoration and manufacture, and thus many procedures (like terracotta, stonework, etc.,) were solely dependent on human labor.

Over the past few years, technology has evolved, and so, different types of CAD systems are introduced, including textile designs that are used for designing clothes or home interior, printed fabrics and skating systems, etc.

Even now, advanced software is coming which can directly print the colors automatically, and that basically means that you can get exactly the color that you see.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is not only directly related to the textile industry, but it also has affected the sales system in a good way.

Online shopping for clothes
Online shopping for clothes

Furthermore, in some specific cases, it can be even said that it has also changed the post-production process completely. No matter whether you are looking for clothing or home decor or even a simple curtain for windows, you can get everything online without having you step out of the home.

Not so long ago, people had to visit stores as per their requirement to purchase clothes or textile items, which was an issue when considering that from the sales aspect, as the textile industry was very limited to a certain audience.

However, thanks to the introduction of online shopping, eerie textile businesses like Popcorn Clothing (a growing cinema-based/movie-based online clothing company that’s headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, US) can make themselves visible in front of a vast audience and have a fair chance to grow.

Popcorn Clothing
Popcorn Clothing

Technology has always been the source behind huge developments in history and the textile industry is no exception. You can even shop for a movie t-shirt online nowadays. Starting from manufacturing, production, styling to post productions, technological innovations have improved the textile industry and gradually turned it into what we see today.