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Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue Sneakers – Comfortable & Fashionable Shoes

Shoes are without a doubt one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing we pick on a daily basis. While they’re supposed to be cool and “hipster”, as they should follow the latest trend when it comes to fashion, they should also be comfortable for everyday wear, especially for people with really long daily routines / daily commutes. This brings us to the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue .

These simple-looking, yet ultra-fashionable white sneakers with blue trims are just one of the few most comfortable pairs of shoes you’ll ever come across.

Whether you have a job that involves you standing up all day (like serving in a bar for example), or you have a really long daily commute that forces you to cross the city from one side to the other on a daily basis, adding the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue to your shoe collection is something that you most certainly won’t regret.

Not only that, but these shoes are the perfect choice of footwear for anyone that has adopted an Eco-Friendly mindset, as the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue are fully made of both organic and recycled materials.

Speaking of adopting an Eco-Friendly mindset, the SAYE Team has a strong Eco-Friendly vision, and with that, I basically mean that for each pair of Wado Shoes that they sell, they’ll plant two (x2) trees in the Mawphlang area (located in the northeast of India), which will be done in collaboration with the NGO We Forest.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at these super cool-looking sneakers and check exactly why they are so comfortable to wear.


As mentioned before, the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue are fully made of both organic and recycled materials. Starting with the sneakers’ upper part, that is specifically made of genuine leather, which, mind you, is certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Wado Saye Modelo '89 Blue
Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue

Moving on to the shoes’ high-quality lining, their lining is completely made of a high-quality cotton that’s 100% organic.

High-Quality Lining
High-Quality Lining

The same goes for the shoes’ removable insole’s cover, which is also made from that same 100% organic high-quality cotton, which is combined with just a bit of recycled PU (recycled Polyurethane).

Comfortable Removable Insole
Comfortable Removable Insole

The shoes’ insole feels extremely comfortable while wearing the Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue throughout the day. For me, that’s the best part about these. They are super, super comfortable to wear, even after a long period of hours wearing them and walking around.

Now, moving on to the Modelo ’89 Blue’s outsole. The sneakers’ outsole is composed by 30% natural materials that are mixed with 70% of a synthetic rubber mix, making it quite durable for everyday wear and tear. Furthermore, while you might think that the shoes’ outsole gives these sneakers a somewhat sturdy feeling during your walk around town, fear not. It doesn’t.

Durable and Flexible Outsole
Durable and Flexible Outsole

Instead, as this outsole just features a slight torsional rigidity, it ultimately provides the Modelo ’89 Blue with perfect traction, while also contributing to making the shoes not too firm during your walks, but also not too soft. As such, this durable and flexible outsole allows these sneakers to “ride” for hours on out without ever causing discomfort to its users.

Now, while a lot of shoe manufacturing companies state that their shoes are ” fully made” of organic and recycled materials, not a lot of companies are actually honest about that “fully” part, as a lot of them have their shoes’ laces made from synthetic materials.

However, while some of those companies tend to “forget” to mention that small fact about their shoes’ laces, that’s not the case with the SAYE Team, who has worked hard to have their Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue completely made of organic and recycled materials, and that obviously includes the laces too.

This basically means that, just like the shoes’ high-quality lining, the Modelo ’89 Blue’s laces are also 100% made from organic cotton.

Eco-Friendly Laces
Eco-Friendly Laces

For the last part about these super Eco-friendly sneakers – which are completely made of organic and recycled materials – these shoes also come reinforced by recycled thermoplastic and woodchips, which helps to make them extra-durable against your everyday wear and tear as well as ultimately extend their lifetime for a long, long period of time.

Lastly, it’s worth to mention that since the SAYE Team is extremely proud of delivering its 100% Eco-friendly products to the consumer’s market, even their shoes’ packaging is made of 100% recycled boxes and paper. Now that’s what having a real Eco-Friendly mindset is like.


It’s also worth to mention that as these shoes are fully made of organic and recycled materials, you’ll obviously want to maintain their smooth leather in the right way.

As such, remember to only use a damp cloth to periodically clean them by using either a specific product spray or a colorless leather paste.

Obviously, as these sneakers are made of organic and recycled materials, you won’t want to throw your Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue sneakers into any washing machine, as that will most likely – like, “100% guaranteed” – ruin the shoes.

So, as said, just periodically take care of your Modelo ’89 Blue with a damp cloth that’s slightly “drizzle” with a trustworthy product spray for this type of sneakers or a known-brand of colorless leather paste.


The Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue are comfortable and fashionable sneakers that are fully made of both organic and recycled materials, making these the perfect choice of footwear for anyone that has adopted an Eco-Friendly mindset.

Wado Saye Modelo '89 Blue
Wado Saye Modelo ’89 Blue

Once again, they’re quite durable, extremely cool-looking with their white body and blue outlines, go well with almost any choice of clothing/wardrobe, and very, very comfortable (probably the best part about these).

If you’re interested in getting them, the company has the Modelo ’89 Blue Sneakers available in several different sizes, and each pair is priced at $158. You can order yours online right now, directly from Saye’s official shopping page, which you can access via this link.

Be aware that this is a limited model and pairs are selling out quickly, so if you want these sneakers for yourself, just make sure to place your order fast.

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