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    Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones with Acoustic 3D Sound

    Just like almost anyone in the world owns a Smartphone, True Wireless Earphones are now becoming more and more like an everyday access that people can’t live without. That’s because TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Earphones are extremely versatile, as they not only offer their users a seamless Bluetooth connection to their Smartphones, but also the ability to have their wireless earphones connected to their voice assistant of choice so that they can quickly get any information that they might need. Furthermore, with so many companies deciding to step in into the TWS Earphones market to take their own slice of the cake, more and more TWS Earphones brands design their models to be used with quick-touch controls in order to provide their users with a better user experience. And lastly, let’s not forget that some TWS Earphones models even bring ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Technology, which is a great Noise Cancellation feature for whenever you’re looking to place your phone-calls while having your TWS Earphones connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. With all that said, it’s important to choose the right pair of TWS Earphones that perfectly fits your needs, and the Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones might very well be what you’re looking for.

    The Lytte HarmoniQ are really high-quality 3D Printed True Wireless Earbuds that are guaranteed to deliver Hi-Fi Sound. Not only do these TWS Earphones offer their users a seamless Bluetooth connection that never gets dropped, but also a really nice audio quality for both their music listening periods and all of their potential phone-calls.

    We all know that with the advancement in 3D printing technology, 3D printed True Wireless Earbuds was something that would inevitably end up being pioneered by one or more companies. That’s exactly why startup company HarmoniQ Labs decided to take a step into that direction (3D printing), as they looked to develop its brand-new pair of 3D printed Hi-Fi wireless earbuds, which are simply called the Lytte HarmoniQ.

    Additionally, these TWS Earphones also feature a really long battery life, both ANC Technology and Noise Isolation features, extremely easy-to-use Quick-Touch Controls, and one of my favorite things about them, Bluetooth Auto Pairing, which makes them super easy to set up and start rocking to your favorite tunes almost immediately.

    Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones and check everything that they have to offer.


    Starting with the earbuds size, the Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones are quite compact and lightweight earbuds, as each earphone measures just 0.97 inches long by 0.75 inches wide by 1.06 inches tall (24.7 x 19.1 x 27 mm) and each earbud also weighs just a measly 0.21 oz. (6 g).

    Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones
    Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones

    The earphonescome equipped with ultra-light silicone sleeves that add a “soft and snug” fit feeling to the Lytte HarmoniQ, thus making it super comfortable for users to wear them. Furthermore, since the package includes a total of three (x3) pairs of eartips of different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), all users are ultimately ensured to get a secure fit.

    As True Wireless Earhpones, these obviously come with their included proprietary Carrying & Charging Case, which, just like the earbuds, is also quite compact, measuring just 2.75 inches long by 1.67 inches wide by 1.33 inches tall (70 x 42.5 x 34 mm), weighing exactly 1.83 oz. (52 g) when completely empty (meaning without having its earbuds inside it).

    Now, moving on to the earphones’ design, these TWS Earphones feature a super ergonomic and Omni-Acoustic design.

    It’s important to note that these TWS Earphones were specifically 3D-printed so that they’d get an “Optimized Acoustic Shape” to ultimately work as 3D sound engineered shapes that would be to produce a superior acoustic travel path for the sound waves.

    After the 3D-printing process, each set / pair of earbuds was carefully hand-polished to ultimately give them a beautiful “dark-glossy” look.

    As such, not only are the Lytte HarmoniQ super comfortable to wear, but their dedicated Airtight Chamber ensures simultaneously ensures the prevention of exactly 100% air leakage, which ultimately allows users to always get smooth sound waves to flow through each of the 2 earphones, which is much better when compared to traditional earphones’ casings, which tend to deteriorate over time.

    Ultimately, the Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones’ extremely ergonomic design ensures that users always get a secure and comfortable fit at all times, no matter how much they move their head while they enjoy their music and/or go on and about during their daily commute.

    Lastly, by combining that same super-ergonomic design that ensures a super-secure fit with a IPX4 Water- and Dust-proof Rating, these earphones can even be used for physical activities, making them resistant to water splashes, sweat drops, and dust.

    That makes these perfect to take with you to a workout session at the gym or even for a jog outside.


    Now, moving on to the earphones’ audio quality, each Lytte HarmoniQ earphone comes equipped with a powerful built-in Dynamic Speaker that’s capable of producing extremely high-quality sound.

    As such, these two true wireless earphones can ultimately produce a spacious 3D sound staging and a distinctive tonal balance between difference sound levels, thus bribing its users a beautiful and crystal clear treble (the highs), clear and high-quality warm vocals (usually the mids), and a deep, rich and punchy bass (the lows).

    Great Sound Quality
    Great Sound Quality

    All types of sound levels can be found present and can be easily distinguished thanks to the earbuds more than decent sound quality. While these true wireless earphones are obviously not a high-end audio solution for passionate audiophiles, their sound quality certainly doesn’t stay that far from a really high-quality sound, and that’s exactly why we’re rating these as high-quality earbuds when it comes to their sound quality.

    The Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones are ultimately able to deliver up to a Maximum Volume Level of 106 dB and feature a Passive Noise Attenuation of -15 dB thanks to their ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) Technology and Noise Isolation features.

    These true wireless earphones also feature a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of <0.5% (meaning 1kHz at around 94 dB) and a Frequency Range that goes from 20Hz to 20kHz.

    Lastly, as mentioned before, you can also use the Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones for all of your phone-calls, and that’s because each earphone comes equipped with a built-in MEMS (MicroElectrical-Mechanical System) Microphone, which can ultimately capture your voice with absolute clarity, even on the noisiest environments, including a noisy coffee shop or a windy day while you’re staying outside.


    As mentioned earlier, the Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones also offer its users super easy-to-use quick-touch controls, which ultimately give them full control over their listening experience.

    Different tapping combinations on one earbud or the other allow users to use the Track Controls (Skipping between soundtracks back and forth), Volume Controls (Increasing and/or Decreasing the earphones’ volume), Play / Pause Controls (which also allow you to answer and hang-up incoming phone calls), and even Active Noise Cancellation Controls (to enable or disable the earphones’ ANC Technology).


    As you’d expected from any pair of true wireless earphones released in 2020, the Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones obviously feature a seamless Bluetooth connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0, as they come equipped with a Qualcomm QCC3020 Bluetooth Chip.

    Ultimately, these earphones can maintain their Bluetooth connection up to a maximum distance of 33 ft. (10 m) without any potential connectivity drops.

    Furthermore, thanks to their Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, these earphones feature support to Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Technology Plus, as well as Qualcomm aptX audio technology, Qualcomm cVc (clear Voice capture Technology).

    Additionally, these true wireless earphones also feature Bluetooth Auto Pairing, which is bound to make your set up experience much better than most other models on the market.

    Lastly, thanks to their 3D printing Omni-Acousting Design by HamoniQ Labs, these earphones can ensure that even your voice calls sound as clear as talking to someone else at a close distance.


    Since both each earphones as well as their proprietary Carrying & Charging Case all come equipped with their own individual built-in rechargeable batteries, the Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones can offer you up to 5 hours of battery life (for either music listening and/or phone calls), with an additional 30 hours of battery life when accounting with their Charging Case, meaning a total of 35 hours of battery life.

    Re-charging the earbuds’ internal battery as well as their Charging Case’s internal battery back to a full charge is also as easy as you’d want it to be.

    As such, all you have to do is carefully place the earbuds inside their proprietary Carrying & Charging Case, right into their corresponding connectivity pins, and then connect the Case to the included USB-C Charging Cable. After that, just wait a few hours and everything will once again be fully “juiced-up”.

    It’s also worth to mention that these true wireless earphones also support Fast-Charging / Quick-Wireless Charging when placed into their corresponding connectivity pins. To put it simply, a 9 minutes charge can quickly provide users with 1 extra hour of battery life / playback time (assuming that the earbuds’ Charging Case still has enough battery power for that, of course).


    The Lytte HarmoniQ Earphones come neatly packed inside a simple, yet sturdy cardboard box.


    Inside their package users will find: their pair of Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Earphones, three (x3) included pairs of eartips of different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), the earbuds’ proprietary Carrying & Charging Case, one (x1) included USB-C Charging Cable, and the User Manual.

    Box Contents
    Box Contents


    The Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones are high-quality 3D Printed true wireless earbuds that deliver Hi-Fi Sound Quality, seamless Bluetooth connection and up to 35 hours of battery life.

    Thanks to their ergonomic design, their also super comfortable to wear, offering a super secure fit that ensures that they never fall of, no matter if you’re simply going on and about through your daily commute or if you decide to use them during your physical activities.

    Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones
    Lytte HarmoniQ True Wireless Hi-Fi Earphones

    Lastly, these true wireless earphones also feature an outstanding sound quality and perfect Noise Isolation.

    If you’re interested in buying them, all you have to do is support HarmoniQ Labs’ Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign with a minimum pledge of $109 dollars, which, mind you, corresponds to a 52% discount of their future price tag. So, if you really want them, be quick to access the company’s Crowdfunding Campaign by clicking the provided link and quickly place your order, as units are going out quite fast.

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