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    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker Color-Changing Lamp (Full Review)

    Nowadays, more and more of our Smart Home gadgets come packed with smart features that allows us to fully customize them to perfectly fit our lifestyle. For music enthusiasts specifically, that only means one thing, and that’s the fact that some of their Smart Home gadgets come equipped with reliable built-in speakers that allow them to enjoy their favorite musics, albums and artists throughout their daily routine on pretty much any part of their Smart Home. This brings us to the Mooni OVO Mini Speaker.

    The Mooni OVO Mini Speaker is a small, yet fully customizable Color-Changing Lamp that comes equipped with a built-in 10W speaker, thus allowing you to create the perfect mood for each and every room of your home.

    While its stylish and modern look keeps your home décor completely up to date, its quality built-in speaker allows you to personalize each and every moment by letting you stream your favorite tunes from any of your personal Bluetooth-enabled devices.

    Not only that, but you can also easily customize the lamp’s light colors from a vast selection of RGB (Red-Green-Blue) combinations or simply set it as white. Thanks to that, the Mooni OVO Mini Speaker can be seen as the perfect lamp for dinner parties with family and/or friends, a good chill-session at your living room or bedroom while you enjoy a book or meditate, or even a nice afternoon nap with a more calming lamp color like a faint and soothing purple.

    Now, let’s take a more detailed look at the Mooni OVO Mini Speaker and check everything that this lamp has to offer.


    Starting with the lamp’s somewhat small size, the entire unit is not too bulky, neither it is too small, measuring exactly 9.72 inches long by  9.72 inches wide by 15.91 inches tall.

    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker - Measurements
    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker – Measurements

    Ultimately, it’s just about the perfect size to sit at the center of any dinner table or any kitchen (or even bar) countertop.

    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker - Design
    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker – Design

    Furthermore, while it’s reasonably tall size might trick you into thinking that the lamp is actually somewhat heavy, let me tell you that this lamp only weighs 2.98 lbs.

    However, it doesn’t end with the lamp’s lightweight, as there’s even more to the unit’s design. While the lamp’s durable ABS-base (high-quality hard plastic material) allows it to sit perfectly stable at any flat surface, its sculpted wood arches not only give it a more modern Scandinavian look, but also perfectly create a reliable carrying handle that’s made of solid wood which can be used to easily transport the lamp from room to room.

    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker - Design
    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker – Design

    Since the unit also features a splash-proof construction / design, the lamp is also perfect for any late-afternoon / night gathering that you might potentially plan by the side of your pool. Thanks to that, if anyone ends up “cannon-balling” on your pool a bit too hard, there’s nothing for you to worry about, as the lamp is ensured to easily withstand a couple of splashes here and there.

    As mentioned earlier, this is a Color-Changing Lamp, and so, the lamp also comes equipped with a Color-Changing 5W LED Lamp that can have its current lamp color easily changed by using the unit’s included proprietary Remote Controller.

    Lastly, since this lamp also comes equipped with its very own built-in 10W Speaker, users can easily connect any of their Bluetooth-enabled devices with the lamp to conveniently stream their favorite tunes. While the lamp’s built-in speaker is obviously not a high-end speaker, the sound quality was still pretty enjoyable, with almost no audio-distortion to it (unless you decide to play some Punk-Rock at the highest sound settings possible… or something among those lines).


    While most other functionalities can be controlled either by using the lamp’s included Remote Controller or via Smartphone after establishing a Bluetooth connection, the lamp’s interface is the most simple thing ever.

    There’s one single Power Button that can be found at the very bottom of the unit. However, if you don’t want to lift the lamp every time to turn its power On/Off, then fear not, as its included Remote Controller can also be used to power the lamp On/Off.

    Pressing that Power Button once allows users to power On the lamp while tapping it allows them to cycle through several per-programmed color modes for the lamp’s Color-Changing LED Lamp.

    Lastly, tapping once and then holding the Power Button allows users to easily turn Off the lamp.


    Now, the lamp’s Remote Controller – which features a very ergonomic design – actually has a bit more complex interface, but it’s still simple enough to make using the remote a very easy and super-intuitive experience.

    There are two circular dials with a total of five (x5) buttons each, meaning four buttons around each dial and one extra button at the center of each dial.

    The top dial features a Power Button at the center, a Light Brightness Increase Button at the top, a Light Brightness Decrease Button at the bottom, a Color Change Button at the left side, and a Color Mode Button (controls the lamp’s Fade Mode, Flash Mode, etc.) at the right side.

    The bottom dial features a Bluetooth Pairing Button at the center, a Volume Increase Button at the top, a Volume Decrease Button at the bottom, a Previous Soundtrack Button at the left side, and a Next Soundtrack Button (which also doubles as a Play/Pause Button) at the right side. For that last button specifically (Next Soundtrack Button), tapping it skips to the next song while holding it plays/pauses your music.


    Connecting the lamp to any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices (your Smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth 4.2 to stream your tunes is also quite easy.

    All you have to do is grab the lamp’s included Remote Controller and press its Bluetooth Pairing Button (located at the center of the bottom dial). After that, you’ll listen a sound that says “Speakers On”.

    Then, on your Bluetooth-enabled device (Smartphone or tablet) go to its Settings Menu, then to the Bluetooth Menu, turn on Bluetooth, and connect your device to the Mooni OVO Mini Speaker. After that, you’ll hear one second sound that says “Speakers Connected”.

    Since this is that simple, Bluetooth connectivity should only take you a couple of minutes to set up, and the process is very intuitive, as it is just like any other Bluetooth-enabled device out there.

    After connecting your Smartphone or tablet to the speaker, you’ll be able to stream your favorite music to it at any time.


    Since this lamp is actually portable, it obviously had to come equipped with a battery. For the OVO Mini Speaker’s case, that’s a 2000mAh Lithium Ion Battery (3.7V) that can offer from as little as 4 hours of battery life all the way up to a maximum of 12 hours of power.

    Obviously, the lamp’s maximum battery life will depend on how many times you change it’s LED lamp’s color settings as well as how loud you play your music (at the highest volume you can expect the referred minimum battery life of around 4 hours, which, if you think about it, is actually still quite a lot of time).

    Lastly, recharging the lamp’s battery back to a full-charge is also extremely easy, as you can easily connect its included 6.5 ft. Micro USB Charging Cable to the lamp’s Micro USB Charging Port (located on its right side support / leg).

    It’s also worth to mention that the lamp also supports the company’s very own Wirefree Ready feature, which basically means that you don’t have to connect the lamp to any cables and make a tangled mess. As such, all you have to do is install its included Wirefree Ready Charging Plate (powered by its own power adapter) under any countertop and then simply connect its included 6.5 ft. Micro USB Charging Cable to the Charging Plate.

    Lastly, all you have left to do is to place the lamp on the top side of that same countertop (above its Wirefree Ready Charging Plate) and you’re all done.

    Once placed above its Wirefree Ready Charging Plate, the lamp will have a red light lighting up at its bottom side, which is there to inform users that the lamp’s battery is still recharging. As soon as that red light goes out, the lamp’s battery is fully charged.

    Be aware that if you’re looking to take advantage of the lamp’s Wirefree Ready Charging features, you should know that Mooni Wirefree Charging Plate is sold separately, but one plate is not very expensive, going just at $40 a pop.

    Check out the video embedded below to see how the process works exactly.


    Inside each package users will find: their Mooni OVO Mini Speaker Color-Changing Lamp, one included Remote Controller, and the unit’s included 6.5 ft. Micro USB Charging Cable.

    Box Contents
    Box Contents

    As mentioned just before, the lamp’s proprietary Mooni Wirefree Charging Plate is sold separately, going for $40 per unit.


    Stereo Pairing

    It’s also worth to point out that the OVO Mini Speaker also supports Stereo Pairing (via Bluetooth 4.2). This means that by using Bluetooth you can ultimately pair two OVO Mini Speakers together and get a full stereo sound experience while streaming your music wirelessly to both unit’s.

    Customizable RGB Lighting

    Lastly, the lamp’s last functionality is its Color-Changing feature, which is supported by the unit’s 5W LED Lamp.

    Supporting a full range of RGB Color Changes as well as full White Color, the lamp’s colors can be changed between 10 different colors, four different Lighting Modes, and a total of four Brightness Levels.

    Thanks to all of those lighting settings and customizations, users can easily set a mood for every occasion by selecting their favorite color or mode (you can choose between Flash, Strobe, Fade, or Dance).


    The Mooni OVO Mini Speaker is a small, yet fully customizable Color-Changing Lamp that features a built-in 10W speaker, Bluetooth connectivity and Stereo Pairing for two units.

    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker
    Mooni OVO Mini Speaker

    Thanks to all of that, you can use one or more of these awesome lamps to create the perfect mood for each and every room within your home or outside of it by your garden or swimming pool.

    If you’re interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $160 each. You can order yours online, directly from Mooni’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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