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Why Amazon Web Services (AWS) Is So Popular


You might be wondering what exactly is Amazon Web Services and why Amazon prides it as its revenue raking machine. Well, to put it in simple terms, recall when you backup your phone.

Where does that data go? To the computer? Well, that would be true – if we were still in the past. Then, we used our own computers to store data but using a computer posed the problem of insufficient space.

Then came along cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, and more to cater to our ever-expanding needs. This is what AWS is. It is a cloud platform created by Amazon.com. Except, the AWS is designed to cater more towards companies that require large storage spaces for all the company data.

Not only that, the reason why AWS is so famous among the other tech giants is that it is also a one-stop platform for companies with its array of services like providing servers, networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security.

So, let us now share the perks that AWS has to offer which has also successfully retained many companies’ interest in it. If you’re interested in actually using it, you can learn about full stack developer aws.

Cost Savings

To understand the idea of how cloud services can help to cut down on many operational and administrative costs, we will have to bring in the olden days. Let us use the example of utility companies to illustrate what we mean.

Naturally, in order to generate power to be sold to consumers, you would first need access to a power plant. However, building or buying over a power plant is extremely costly and most people would not do so unless they are highly confident that the business will prosper and the profits raked in will offset the costs.

Of course, no one can really be one hundred percent confident in their business taking flight. So, most people would venture off to other industries instead. That is until people were able to purchase power from public utilities to start up their own private ones. But now they do not have to fork out a great deal of money in order to build up the power plant and they can buy however much they think they needed.

Now, superimpose this over the cloud industry. It is the same. Companies would have to spend fortunes on different departments and experts to create a storage space that they cannot even guarantee whether it will be fully utilized. They would also have to hire their own security team to keep company data secure. Here is where AWS becomes the one-stop solution that helps companies cut down on such costs.

Scalable and Adaptable

To add on to the point above, not only will AWS help with cost savings by being the one-stop solution, but it also helps to save costs by being scalable and adaptable. What this means to say is that instead of forcing a package onto someone where they might run into the same problem of being unable to grow, AWS customers simply pay for whatever they use. So there is no need to worry about having too much or too little space to use. They will simply pay as they use.

As such, AWS is able to cater to clients of any size and usage as the service can be individualized according to the customer’s needs. Furthermore, a plus point for start-ups is that the AWS service has many functions to bring a company up from the ground. This helps start-ups to save up on time as well as provide resources and levels the playing field with industry seniors.

Of course, they do not intend to neglect those who are already more or less set up in the industry. They offer a seamless low-cost migration service for companies who would like to move all their cloud-related activities to AWS. So, whether or not it is a start-up or an old corporation, they would definitely benefit from it in their own ways.

The common thing is that administrative and IT staff need not stress over the needed space nor security issues with AWS. So, unlike other cloud services, AWS also grows together with the company.

When the company requires more space, AWS will assist with this expansion and allocate more space to the company. As such, this saves up on precious resources like time and money where it can be reallocated to identify other problem areas to be solved. In fact, you can just leave everything cloud-related to AWS.

Security and Reliability

Remember how we said you could just leave everything up to AWS? Well, it is exactly because of AWS’s security and reliability that they will surely be stronger than a company hosting their own storage. This is because AWS is specializing in this cloud service and that means more hands on deck to manage everything related to this.

Furthermore, when a company handles it by themselves, it is less secure because it is very obvious where hackers should strike if they want specific companies’ data. Whereas, when using AWS, they have multiple centers across the globe, often in areas that are less publicized.

This means that where the data is stored is elusive and takes additional efforts for the hackers to deduce the location. Even at the off chance that a hacker manages to locate the area where AWS stored a specific company’s information, there is a team of cybersecurity experts on the constant watch and are well-experienced to handle any infiltration.

This also relies on the concept of not keeping all your eggs in one basket. So, that means that if anything were to happen in one location that AWS operates in, the others will not be affected.

Compare this to if you were to do it yourself, if the system in your company goes down, everything goes out. So, it is in fact, safer for companies to rely on cloud services by AWS than go through the trouble themselves.


In conclusion, AWS has definitely earned its reputation with the cost savings, flexibility, and security that it offers to companies. It just makes more sense to use their services than use their own cloud services, which is why it’s so popular today.

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