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Tennis Betting is Back on Track – Best Tips to Get Started

For any tennis enthusiast out there, just like playing the sport, watching live tennis matches on services like ESPN or ESPN+ can also be quite fun. That’s mainly because whether you’re still on the court swinging your Tennis Racquet or you’ve already retired to the stands, regardless of your tennis skill levels, anyone that’s truly passionate about tennis will show a tremendous love for the sport that will most likely last them an entire lifetime. However, while watching live tennis matches where your favorite tennis players dominate the court can be quite thrilling, you can still amp up the game another notch by having some money on the line. That’s exactly why tennis betting is back on track, as that is where the real rush and excitement is at.

Since the 2020 French Open started just one week ago (running from Sep 21 to Oct 11, 2020), it’s a really nice time and a really exciting opportunity for anyone that’s looking to get into tennis betting to have a try at it.

Still, when it comes to online betting, there’s obviously some important things to keep in mind, as well as some precautions to take.

So, without further ado, here are our three best tips for anyone that’s looking to get into Tennis Betting.

It’s all about Managing your Money and Bets

First of all, it’s important to note that most sports bettors that are just starting with online betting tend to lose money, especially on their first few bets. That’s obviously because their still new to this sort of hobby / activity, and will most likely have not put in the time of studying the probabilities and evaluating the odds for the tennis matches that they’re looking to bet in.

As such, be aware that for anyone that’s looking to get into Tennis Betting, the most basic and essential resource you should have is a working bankroll. Because of that, it’s advised that you already have a steady and stable income to back your bets with before even considering jumping into Tennis Betting.

Not only that, but it’s also important that you start slow, as well as with low bet amounts, just so that you don’t get disappointed and end up freaking out if there’s ever an outcome in any of your already placed bets for upcoming tennis matches.

For that reason, you should start by determining a specific and safe range of money that you’ll be willing to bet from your initial sum of money set aside. Furthermore, it’s obvious that depending on what kind of tennis betting is involved, that same range of betting amount that you’re willing to bet may vary, as the matches your betting could simply be a Tennis Qualifier, a High-Tier Tennis Championship, or ultimately, a Tennis World Championship or even that tournament’s Final Match.

And hey… if you ever end up losing some money, as long as its just some money that you had already set aside, who in the world really cares right? It’s supposed to be fun and exciting, and not a pile of nerve-wrecking problems. That being said, losing money can still be fun, as match outcomes are something that almost no betting experts in the world can really predict and be prepared for.

Research your Tennis Players before Betting on their Matches

It’s an undeniable fact that it is indeed possible to make long term profits from sports betting, and that obviously includes tennis betting. However, making money from sports betting is not easy, as any professional sports bettor could easily tell you that you that there’s a lot of research involved before actually putting your money on the line.

As such, researching your sports betting picks for your tennis bets is an essential part of engineering a reliable winning strategy that showcases a strong potential of becoming a reality.

Regardless of how good you think you are at sports betting, you really can’t just eyeball each and every single game and simply pick whichever tennis player you think has the highest odds and best chances of winning that tennis match.

Keep in mind that even the sharpest sports bettors rely on using statistics and research at a consistent daily basis to ensure that their sports betting picks are safe to go with, as well as to consistently have a strong-based winning strategy.

Furthermore, even if you’ve researched your first tennis betting picks before, it can still be pretty tough for sports betting beginners to actually know where to start.

With so many online resources, perfectly online catalogued match performance statistics and even past results at your disposal, finding a starting point can be a bit complicated. That is… unless you know what you’re searching for.

From start to finish of your research to then end up making your actual tennis betting pick, there are a lot of different things that you should always take into consideration.

To start, you would want to look at the implications of the game and each player’s position in his/her tennis league. Does this game mean anything in particular to either player? Are there any big-picture factors affecting those tennis players that you should know about?

Things like recent injuries, the smallest recent physical health condition, a player’s mental health, or even a sudden change in their diet can end up having a negative effect on the way your picked tennis player will play that match.

Furthermore, you should also consider if there are any Playoff implications as well as if there’s any pressure on a player’s coach from the back office for that player to perform. Things like potential sponsorship deals can end up leaving those players’ coaches or agents in a pile of nerves, and most times, those same nerve-wrecking problems end up passing to the professional sports players themselves.

With all of that said, remember to make an ultra-throughout online research of pretty much anything that you would consider important prior to any upcoming live tennis match that you’re looking to bet some of your preciously earned money into. Don’t just go online to check a tennis player’s past performance on their few most recent matches.

Instead, also consider reviewing even older matches and their respective results to check if that player is staying consistent with their results, as well as if they recently adopted a new strategy, are using new techniques or not, are feeling healthy and in the best shape that they could be, if they have any personal life worries, and lastly, check their most recent interviews and also remember to follow those tennis players on social media to see what they have to say prior to their next tennis matches.

Take Notes of Your Numbers

Lastly, while researching is obviously super important prior to online sports betting, before engaging in any tennis betting activity, remember to keep your own research and your own bet statistics as best organized as you possible can.

That’s because, whenever you’re looking to go for a future bet on a tennis player that you’ve already placed your money on somewhere in the past, or for whenever you’re betting on multiple tennis players and/or multiple matches, staying organized with both your researched statistics and your tennis betting results will be the only thing that will help you keep track of everything that’s going on with your tennis betting.

Keeping both your previously researched statistics as well as your tennis betting results perfectly organized can help you to more easily decide whether or not it is safe to bet on a future tennis match, to move on to a different tennis match instead of simply betting for the very first one you see online, or even to accidentally use outdated stats that are several months old from the very first time you placed your money on a specific tennis player’s match.

No matter how sharp you are at remembering your research and your past bets and betting results, it can still be very easy for betting beginners to get things twisted around, especially when you’re really just starting to get into tennis betting.

So, with that said, keep all of your tennis players’ and matches’ researched data nicely catalogued in easy-to-read notes and perfectly stored and organized so that you have an easier time making your choices on what tennis match you should be betting next, as that can be super-detrimental to your success in finding value and picking future tennis match winners.


In sum, tennis betting can be not only super-fun and exciting, but can also make up for a new hobby, and ultimately, if you have the right knowledge and avidly follow the sports, you can even end up earning some cash.

With everything listed above, we hope that we’ve provided you with all the necessary information that you we’re looking to get to be able to get started on researching about future tennis matches as well as new and rising tennis players with promising potential to be able to make great value picks for your tennis betting endeavors.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Tennis Betting, it is ultimately up to you to choose what sort of stats you’ll be looking at, as well as how much time you’ll be spending on the activity, and even how dedicated you’ll be to the whole thing.

Now that you have some reliable tools to get the job done, it’s up to you to start saving some change here and there, do some tennis research first, and then ultimately start building your winning tennis betting strategy.

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