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    Top 5 Must-Have Tools For Your Business In 2021

    Top 5 Must-Have Tools For Your Business In 2021

    Having the right resources and tools is very important to running a business. It can make a huge difference between the success and failure of the business. Interestingly, choosing the right tool for your business is not always easy. With hundreds of tools out there, choosing the appropriate one that your business needs will require some thought.

    You need to first identify your needs and what tools would meet those needs. The fact that a business tool looks nice and has nice features does not mean that it is the best for your type of business. However, if you can identify what your business needs, it will be easier to select the right combination of business tools that can help you optimize your business activities efficiently. With hundreds of tools out there, choosing the appropriate one that your business needs will require some thought. For example, one who is looking how to estimate construction jobs would need the right takeoff software to help him achieve that.

    What are the Top 5 Must-Have Tools for Your Business?

    Considering the current global pandemic, there is no better time to choose the appropriate tools to boost your business efficiency than now. To help you in your decision-making process, we have listed the top 5 must-have tools for your business in 2021.

    Signature Generator

    A smart and forward-thinking business should embrace e-signature in the year 2021. Today, governments and health experts are advocating less physical contact to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. This is one of the reasons why remote working is being encouraged in the first place. Less physical contact means a reduction in the distribution of physical documents.

    Technically, documents are being moved to the digital platform and this is where the e-signature tool comes in. Cocosign is a reputable e-signature generator provider that offers organizations the platform to create their documents and append their signature digitally in a secure and safe environment. You can create a digital signature and overlay it on where your signature should be on a document.

    This tool makes signing documents and contracts stress-free and hassle-free. You do not need a printer or a scanner. All you have to do is draw or type your signature or initials with the e-signature tool. This will create your signature and you can append it on any signature.

    You can also share documents and invite people to review and sign the documents on the platform. Everything is done in real-time on the platform. Navigate to this page to learn more about Cocosign.

    Business Meeting Apps

    The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the world conducts business today. Many organizations are settling for remote working, which has its challenges and of course, benefits. To counter some of the challenges, establishing a regular virtual meeting is very critical. This is why your business needs to invest in business meeting apps this year.

    There are a couple of meeting apps that are designed for business meetings. These include Zoom and Google Meet. Zoom has become very popular across the world, especially with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. With this app, you can host an unlimited number of meetings, and each meeting accommodates up to 25 persons. The platform also allows file sharing and messaging. If you run a small business, you can choose the free package with limited features.

    However, if you have a bigger business, the pro plan, business plan, or enterprise plan is something you can consider. Google Meet is another business meeting app that has grown popular because of its key features. It supports up to 100 participants per meeting and it is integrated with the G Suite. The app is highly secure and it is a great choice for video conferencing, which is encrypted for additional security. Google Meet has both a free and paid plan.

    Google Drive

    This tool is very useful in maintaining your documents. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage space under its free plan. If you want to increase the size, you can upgrade to the Pro plan, which offers you at least 100GB. You can increase it to up to 10TB per month. This tool has a lot of features that make it a good choice for many business owners. It integrates easily with Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs. It also features an AI-enabled search and is compatible with mobile devices.

    Google Analytics

    Business is all about the numbers. You must be able to determine the level of traffic that your website generates in real-time. You should also know where the large percentage of the traffic is coming from? This is where Google Analytics comes in. With Google Analytics, you can monitor the traffic to your website and gain insights that will help you make informed business decisions.

    This business tool will help you establish the key demographics of your target market and where they can be found. It also helps you to see the locations where your website has been accessed and the percentage differences among the traffic drivers, including their core numbers in the minutest details. Every organization should invest in Google Analytics in 2021 to drive its business.

    Accounting Tools

    It is a well-known fact that many business owners do not have accounting skills. Many are lucky to afford the service of accounting consultants. However, if you want to cut your cost, especially for a new or small business, you can invest in accounting software such as SoftCo AP Automation software.

    With this, you have fewer things to worry about, since you do not have to bother about the figures. Freshbooks is one of the accounting tools that you can invest in. It comes with automation features that help you to plan your invoice and payment collection automatically. It sends invoice reminders and payment collection.

    This more or less puts your business on autopilot as far as the accounting and bookkeeping parts are concerned. It generates financial reports that are easy to understand and it also features automatic checks and balances. This makes it easy to comply with procedures and maintain your account.


    These are the top 5 must-have tools that your business needs in 2021. Of course, there are other tools that you can explore but these five are very critical to the smooth running and efficiency of your business.

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