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    5 Secret Things About Golf No Professional Golfer Will Tell You

    As a budding golfer, you might be under the impression that all the golfing tips you receive from your friends, golfing techniques available across the internet in videos, and tips shared in the sports magazine are sufficient to master every course and every shot. Golf still has some secrets, and you may never discover them unless you become a professional golfer. The secrets are never told directly; instead, you learn them gradually in your career.

    These are just not secrets but “truths” about what it takes to become a successful player. These truths are for golfers who aspire to become better players. AdeptGolf has some exciting golf-related tips and tricks to share with you.

    Check Out These 5 Secrets That No Professional Golfer Will Tell You

    Secret No.1

    Learning golf will be easier if you start young. Preferably before puberty, not later than 15. It’s much more difficult to grasp and master golf when you start late, though there are exceptions in several cases.

    Rory McIlroy started learning golf techniques at just 18 months, Arnold Palmer at the age of 4 and Nicholas started the basics of golf at the age of 10.

    Golf is best started early in life so that the muscles learn repeatable swings and become imprinted in your body. Starting late means having to learn the movements learned mechanistically.

    An advantage of starting early is that a golfer can start competing in professional tournaments by the age of 20. Sports professionals who are the best in their fields started learning about their sport at a very early age in life.

    Secret No.2

    The higher your level of natural talent, the faster you improve at your sport. The naturally talented players can swiftly shoot a decent score within the first six or seven rounds. Swinging the club and sending the ball down the middle of the fairway comes naturally to them.

    Naturally talented players display a broad range of skills, including excellent visual-physical perception, hard-to-define mental fortitude, great hand-to-eye coordination, etc., which makes them fit in a variety of sports.

    Natural talent is also evident in players who are in great physical condition. They won’t experience fatigue even after 18 holes.

    Secret No. 3

    Throughout their golfing careers, top golfers practice hundreds of different kinds of shot types to become familiar with the different possibilities.

    Taking golf lessons alone won’t do any good if they aren’t followed by training and muscle memory. It is never helpful to learn without practicing what you’ve learned.

    Take lessons from a professional. The benefit of taking lessons from a professional is that they can motivate you to improve your ability to play. Beginning to play golf at an early age and possessing natural talent will assist in improving your performance if you practice consistently.

    Secret No. 4

    It takes grit and determination to get better. Don’t get influenced by ads featuring fancy clubs. Don’t fall for ads that promote longer distances and accurate shots. Choose comfort, length, weight, and durability when buying clubs.

    The details of club design do not determine your score but your grip, swing mechanics, alignment, etc. Refrain from wasting your money on fancy equipment. For aspiring golfers who started late (as an adult), there’s nothing much you can do now. Through practice, you can certainly improve your shot-making ability.

    For teenagers reading this and intending to take up golf in the future, you are strongly recommended to go get some clubs and start now. This is the time. The earlier you start, the better you learn and the better you perform.

    Secret No.5

    Some golf competitions are overhyped as excessively difficult. Take the example of the PGA Tour. While the PGA Tour is supposed to be fiercely competitive, it isn’t.

    Players who want to play professionally worry that their skills don’t match the best in the world. In a sport like golf, the other players don’t matter. If Golfer A is longer than B, and Golfer C has a better short game than B, it just doesn’t make a difference.

    Aside from the demons in their heads, only golfers and the course are real competitors. You don’t always have to be the absolute ‘best, there. You’re going to get rich playing the Tour if you shoot 69 or 70 every round. The only real competition on the Tour occurs in match play.

    Good luck!


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