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    How to Set Up Your Living Room for a Blockbuster Movie Night

    There is a thrill about going to the movies. The combination of the lights, sounds and snacks creates this aura of anticipation and excitement that everyone loves. But you can easily recreate the thrill of the movie theater in the comfort of your own home! Host the most spectacular Saturday night in – get your mates round and follow these simple steps to set up your living room for a cheap night of blockbuster movie magic.

    Screen Setup

    You want that movie theater experience, but better. No heads popping up and disrupting your view or someone behind you kicking your chair. Set the screen up so everyone has a clear view. Having a projector to cover an entire wall with the picture is the perfect way to watch movies at home.

    Sound System

    Seat shaking speakers. That’s the aim, right? As loud and as clear as possible. A surround sound system is the perfect option for this. If you have access to one that is strong enough, having a big speaker at the back of the room to project the sound all around would also work. Alternatively, some speakers are now able to connect to each other to maximize volume. Placing these throughout that room could create that surround sound effect just as easily. No one is going to be missing a beat.


    Lighting at the movies adds to the drama and electrifies the experience. You know that when those lights dim, it’s about to start. Black out all the windows, and only have some small string lights around the top of the room. This way, no one will have to deal with any of the lights reflecting off the screen, which is always a nightmare!

    Comfort is Key

    This is one thing that you cannot do on a trip to the movies, but it is guaranteed to make your viewing experience at home even closer to perfection. Cushions, duvets, blankets, pillows, the lot. Everything you need to make yourselves the coziest and comfiest movie watching nest ever. Hopefully you will pick something to watch that’s going to keep you awake, otherwise you’ll be dozing off in no time!


    You provide the venue, your friends provide the snacks, that’s how it’s got to be done. And, you know that disturbing rustling of people opening packets and wrappers that you just cannot ignore while you’re trying to concentrate on the movie? Obviously, you don’t want that. The key to creating the perfect movie theater experience is putting all the snacks in bowls before the movie starts. Voila! Now there’s only the loud eaters to worry about.

    What to Watch

    This is probably the most challenging part of having a movie night – what are you going to watch? If you’re an agreeing group of friends, then great. If you have different tastes, this may be a little difficult. To avoid arguments, each pick a movie, write it on a piece of paper and someone picks one out of a hat. Simple, easy, and fair!

    Sit Back and Enjoy

    Now you’re all set up for the perfect Saturday night in – Blockbuster Movie Spectacular: Living Room Edition – all that’s left to do is cozy up and enjoy!

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