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    Top 6 Apps for Math Students

    Years ago, students carried tons of textbooks and notebooks with them everywhere. However, today they are being replaced by weightless smart utilities that are sometimes more helpful than volumes of mathematics books.

    To save time on homework, it is enough to download some great apps on your smartphone – and your assignments will be done rather quickly. But there are so many of them, so where should one start? We’ve decided to select the best 6 apps for math students and hope they will make your student life much easier.

    Top Apps for Math Students
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    Photomath (Android, iOS)

    One of the most famous apps for solving math problems is a true nightmare for math teachers from day one. Why? Because it’s basically a calculator camera for solving any problem.

    Earlier, the app was able to recognize only printed materials. Now, the long-awaited handwriting recognition function has appeared. Everything works almost flawlessly, but for the best result, the handwriting better be neat.

    Are you struggling with logarithmic, quadratic, trigonometric equations and inequalities? Are square roots, modules, fractions and integrals hard for you to understand?


    Now, with the help of the Photomath, solving such tasks will not be difficult. Perhaps the best thing about this app is that it doesn’t just solve mathematical problems, but it describes all calculations in detail. You also don’t need an Internet connection to use it. Just open Photomath and the built-in camera interface with the recognition system will do the work for you.

    To get started, position the camera in such a way that the mathematical problem fits into the main area. Then, the algorithms of the program will start analyzing the data on the screen and give an answer almost instantly. If you want to see the entire progress of solving your problem, just click on the result in the red rectangle. The last 10 entries are stored in the app’s history, so you can always go through previous tasks at any time.

    However, sometimes the program might recognize certain mathematical symbols in the task incorrectly. Luckily, you can always edit them in calculator mode.

    “If only all homework tasks could be solved thanks to apps”, one might think. However, even math students sometimes face another type of assignment which is an essay. Let’s be honest: when you’ve got plenty of exams and tests to study for, it’s hard to find enough time for paper writing. So, outsourcing simply saves the day. When you catch yourself thinking «I need Essaypro to write my paper for me», you entrust your task to experienced professionals. As a result, your academic performance will improve, and you will finally have enough energy to focus on other assignments that require your attention too.

    MalMath: Step by step solver (Android)

    With this app, you’ll get not only a step-by-step description of the calculation process, but also the making plots. The MalMath app for Android is completely free and there are no ads, too. You don’t even need an Internet connection to use it.

    MalMath can solve integrals, derivatives, logarithms, trigonometric equations and inequalities as well as problems with roots and modules. However, you’ll have to type everything by hand, since the recognition function using the camera is not provided here.

    When you open the side menu, you will see that it includes five items. But the most interesting one is the “task generator” function. With its help, you can create random math problems with several categories and difficulty levels.

    MyScript Calculator (Android, iOS)

    It’s simply impossible to imagine mathematics without calculations. And when the calculator isn’t at your hand, turn to MyScript Calculator with a handwritten data entry. Just write a mathematical expression on the screen and the program will do the rest. Its main advantages are solving all problems (from the simplest to the most complex ones) and offering intuitive functions.

    MyScript Calculator appeared in 2013 and immediately received recognition. It was noted for its innovativeness. Why? At the times when online calculators deal with camera recognition or manual typing, MyScript Calculator had a completely different approach.

    The peculiarity of the app is that it works only with handwritten data input. The only thing you can see is a blank canvas on the entire screen. The user writes mathematical problems with a finger or a stylus.

    You’ll definitely appreciate that the app can recognize what is written by hand, then translate the notes into a digital form and provide the solution literally at the same moment. MyScript Calculator’s recognition algorithms are just great as the program manages to identify even the worst scrawls.

    The main disadvantage of MyScript Calculator for Android is the lack of a detailed description of the solutions. The program simply gives the final result only.

    Mathpix Snip (iOS, Android)

    Mathpix recognizes handwritten texts, including complex formulas. This is one of the oldest apps for solving mathematical problems. Interestingly, it has gained the ability to recognize handwriting even earlier than Photomath.

    In fact, the operating principles of both applications are very similar. Mathpix is able to solve quadratic equations. It easily copes with tasks that contain fractional expressions, as well as roots, logarithms, integrals, derivatives, etc. The ability to plot function graphs is especially valuable thanks to the advanced Desmos graphing calculator.

    You’ll definitely enjoy working with Mathpix’s text recognition algorithms. Why? The program scans problems almost in a matter of seconds. Then, it immediately sends the cognitions to the server and gives the answer fast. At the same time, the user has access to tools for working with tasks in chart mode. You can edit input data, add tables, notes and additional functions for several charts.

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    Microsoft Math Solver (iOS, Android)

    Microsoft Math Solver is another assistant when it comes to algebra, trigonometry, statistics, arithmetic and much more. The application can recognize printed and handwritten text, and after scanning, it gives detailed solutions to examples and tasks. As a result, you’ll figure out how to solve the specific problem.

    The app also offers some video lectures on the topic, here you can go through mathematical examples, study new information, and more.

    Mathway (iOS, Android)

    Mathway easily copes with linear algebra and trigonometry. If you need to solve a problem, the algorithm will provide ready-made solutions step by step. This gives a chance to actually learn something new instead of just rewriting ready-made answers.

    In Mathway, you can solve equations, inequalities and build graphs. The only disadvantage is a poorly configured scanner. Therefore, it is better to enter all tasks manually.

    To Wrap It Up

    Mathematics is the queen of the sciences which is adored and hated by many. These days, there are plenty of apps designed to solve almost any math problem in no time. Although the programs mentioned above will help you cope with Math assignments, don’t forget that they are just apps that can’t do the studying for you. It was created to help you, so use it wisely.

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