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    5 Apps for Cannabis Home Growers

    Like first-time parents figuring out the wants of a newborn, cannabis farmers used to make educated guesses about the needs of their plants in order to keep them healthy and have a productive harvest. Long gone are the days of growing in secrecy, trimming under the cover of darkness, and writing down handwritten notes to be kept safe for the next growing season.

    Now, there is an increasing number of 420 enthusiasts experimenting with growing cannabis at home and it couldn’t be a better time to give it a try. With a growing community to rely on for answers, a multitude of specialized devices, and the latest technology at their fingertips, home growing has never been easier.

    Smartphone Apps have changed the game for both expert and novice cultivators in almost every aspect of the plant’s life cycle, from finding quality marijuana seeds for sale and automatically changing the light settings, to providing and collecting a wealth of data to inform future crops.

    Top Cannabis Apps for Home Growers

    There are many different smartphone apps that are useful when growing cannabis at home. Nearly all of them are affordable for any budget, if not free to use and will benefit both seasoned cultivators and those just starting to build their first grow setup. These are the top five apps for cannabis home growers to check out right now.


    Built by cannabis cultivators for other growers, GrowBuddy is the best all-in-one tool for any type of cannabis enthusiast, from hobbyists with just a few plants to commercial farms. The app features a grow journal for logging important notes and all the monitoring functions a home grower could ever need. For those who want to be more involved in the community, there is also a forum to share photos and ask questions in addition to an online marketplace where cultivators can trade or purchase equipment from other users for an upgraded grow setup that won’t break the bank.


    Interested in starting a hydroponic setup? The BudLabs app is specifically designed for this method of soil-less growing. Use the time-saving nutrient calculator, which spits out a week-by-week feeding schedule tailored to each specific setup. Just input the stage of growth, nutrient base, experience level of the growers, and reservoir size.


    For complete control and automation, try Growtronix. This app has a flexible scheduling feature to tweak any of the environmental aspects of a grow space day by day and will send alerts and notifications as soon as any problems are found. One of the most useful aspects for small grow operations is the in-depth data collection, which produces various graphs that show everything from reservoir pH levels and flower humidity to energy use and cost analysis. The Growtronix hardware setup connected to the app can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection, even a smart TV.


    This free cannabis growing app is best for those on a budget and assures that cultivators will consistently have a healthy crop and an enjoyable final product. SuperGreenLab allows home growers to convert nearly any space including a cardboard box or a small cupboard into a grow room, cutting out the need to purchase an expensive grow tent. The app offers grow tips, setup help, and the ability to track and record the progress of each crop in an Instagram-like timeline. Coupled with the optional SuperGreenLab controller, the personal grow assistant is able to automate and track the grow room’s temperature, humidity, water, nutrients, light, and more.

    Grow With Jane

    Tailored to new cannabis cultivators, the Grow With Jane app has a grow journal, scheduling features, and lots of step-by-step instructions to provide those new to the scene with a seamless first experience during each grow phase. Users can lean on the large online weed-growing community and share photos or journal entries from the app, but it’s also possible to set up accounts that are completely anonymous and switch to offline mode when needed. This free cannabis growing app is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store and developers continue to release updates regularly.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • EZGrow
    • Grow Journal
    • SimLeaf
    • Grobase
    • MassRoots
    • Grower Helper
    • Leafly

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