Digital Signage Giving Business an Edge in Advertising

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad spending is increasing at a very slow rate. The reason for this is that people are overly focused on online advertising. This is because when people want to make a purchase, they go online. Yet, offline marketing is still a very powerful influential factor in the mind of your potential customers, especially when resorting to digital signage. What are people looking at when they are not on the Internet? Are they looking at the side of buses, at billboards on highways and blimps in the sky? Are they looking at your digital signs?

People Follow The Crowds

Haven’t you ever wondered how some people seem to become extremely successful with almost consummate ease? How did Judge Judy and Oprah become the highest paid women in the USA? How did Elon Musk and Donald Trump make so much money so quickly? Was it luck? Was it cheating? No, it is because these people saw the other fish swimming in one direction as a group, and they took a different route.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage

If you go online right now and look for ways to promote your business, you are going to see Google results with videos and articles on how to market your business in the modern era. Click on every organic link on Google (not the paid advert links) and consume the content they offer. Notice how they all say almost the same thing? They all say you should be investing X amount in social media and X amount in online advertising. They are not talking about offline advertising, and so people are not doing it.

You should advertise offline using digital signs. Do not follow the fish who are all going in one direction. Carve your own route through the water. Digital signs offer an edge because they give you a powerful way of promoting your business offline. They give you a way to swim in a different direction.

You Eliminate Your Competitors

Let’s say you want to promote your new product online. You need to explain your product in order to sell it, so you veer away from video promotions through affiliate networks because it can get very expensive. You decide to pay a company to create promotional content on Rumble, and you create your own content for TikTok and use their coins “Promote” system to get the word out.

Even under these very favorable conditions, you are still competing side by side with all your competitors. Plus, you are competing with every other producer out there because all the other producers are just a click or scroll away.

Now, consider the people walking past your business. They notice your advert running in your window. The advert keeps things simple and keeps things very visual so that people can understand what is going on even if they joined halfway through the presentation. In this scenario, you are only competing with the buildings nearest to you. All your competitors, all the other advert and social media producers have been eliminated. This gives you an edge because a clever and very simple marketing campaign in a window can draw a fair amount of interest for comparatively very little money (when compared with online marketing).

Use DOOH Trends For Ideas

The bigger companies are smart enough to promote their products and services offline, and they often set some very juicy trends (especially when using guerrilla marketing). If you run a smaller business, why not use the bigger DOOH trends as inspiration. Quite often, you can scale down their ideas and use them yourself. You can also copy their video adverts beat-for-beat and host them on your digital signs for a quick and easy way to drive more sales or get more customer interest.