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    The Five Inventions That Changed Gambling Forever

    Gambling is an industry that has constantly been on the right side of technological advancement. It may have been around since the dawn of time, developing on the likes of the Mississippi River boats and in the European aristocracy, but it’s also an industry that’s always willing to move to the next level, and that’s only been proven by the constant enhancements of the online versions. 

    Online casinos like 777 have long been at the forefront of online security, gaming technology and even currency/transactions and none more so today, still benefiting from various inventions and being the first to adopt them.

    But what are the inventions that truly changed gambling the most?


    Dice are one of the oldest gaming implements known to man. That is a fact. They date back to earlier than 3000 BC, although they came in a rather different shape and size. Dice back then were recorded as people throwing sheep knuckle-bones and having a punt on which side it would land. 

    There was also evidence of dice in ancient Egypt, dating back to 2000 BC, and many other periods of history following that. 

    However, it was in the Renaissance era where the standardization of dice was first introduced, ultimately bringing in the fair play element of them we know today. This made dice perfectly smooth, evenly weighted and as likely to fall on one side as the next. Of course, there have been many improvements in dice since then and it has proven a vital invention to ensure fair play within casino gaming.


    It’s perhaps no surprise to see playing cards next on this list. The playing card has a long, long history that dates back to ancient China, when various images were drawn or printed onto leaves. 

    It was the late 14th century when they began to develop into the cards we know and love today, though and by the 15th the printing industry allowed them to become a staple in gambling culture and casinos from there on in. 

    The French introduced four suits, while the symmetrical nature of them was also added at a later date. There are tons of great intricacies around playing cards, from the face cards, to the Ace of Spades which was traditionally stamped to show that duty tax had been paid on the pack.

    Slot Machine

    The slot machine changed gambling forever. Online you’ll find more people playing slots than any other game, while head over to Las Vegas and casino floors are filled with thousands upon thousands of them.

    In terms of the history of gambling, they’re relatively new to it. It wasn’t until 1893 when the first modern slot machine was introduced and over the following years would be installed in bars around the country. The Liberty Bell slot was the biggest game changer though and is the biggest inspiration behind the slots we see today.

    Of course, even slot technology has continued to advance, with the likes of video slots and progressive jackpots again furthering the offering of the more traditional type.

    Random Number Generators

    Inventions That Changed Gambling
    Random Number Generator (RNG)

    Random number generators are probably one of the biggest inventions that changed gambling, as they paved the way for the online casino industry we know and love today. The implementation of them into casino games allows for fair play, and the peace of mind that you know there’s absolutely no foul play within a game is nice.

    The way a random number generator works is by producing different number sequences every millisecond which then when triggered will create a value that then applies to a game and then appears on your screen. 

    In the UK, operating online casinos can only use regulated random number generators, or RNGs, on their site, ensuring every outcome you receive is completely random, and just as likely to appear as the next.

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    David Novak
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