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    Bedol Water Clock Squirt – Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Alarm Clock

    Keeping track of time is something that’s quite important for just about everyone, whether that’s a young student enjoying their first school years, a college freshman trying to manage their schedule, or even any working person that wants to wake up early and arrive to work on time. Now, to keep track of time, most people will either use an electric-powered clock, or alternatively, a battery-powered clock. The problem with these power-source methods is that both solutions are equally bad for the environment. Nevertheless, there’s now a better time-tracking solution for any Eco-concious person out there that would like to be able to keep track of time while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint, and it’s called the Bedol Water Clock Squirt.

    The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is an eco-friendly water-powered alarm clock that features an LCD Display and a built-in Memory Chip, along with Time Settings in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, as well as a Daily Alarm and Hourly Alarm functions.

    Essentially, this water-powered alarm clock is cleverly designed to be solely powered by two proprietary Metallic Plates integrated within its water reservoir, which use the ions in water and consequently turn them into current to ultimately power both its LCD Time Display and all of its Daily and Hourly Alarm functions, all with just ordinary tap water.

    Thanks to its innovative water-powered design, you’ll never need batteries or electricity to power up this unique alarm clock, which ultimately means that you’ll be able to easily keep track of time while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

    Now, let’s have a more detailed look at the Bedol Water Clock Squirt and check out everything that this water-powered alarm clock has to offer you.


    Starting with the clock’s size, note that this water-powered alarm clock comes at a fairly compact size, measuring just 4.5 inches in diameter by 3.5 inches tall, and the device only weighs a measly 1 lbs. (16 oz.).

    Thanks to its rather small size, the Bedol Water Clock Squirt can be easily set-up at just about any countertop, nightstand or office desk without having it take up too much space. In addition, the clock’s compact size also means that you can easily pack it inside any bag or backpack whenever you’re looking to travel.

    Bedol Squirt Water Clock
    Bedol Squirt Water Clock – Compact Size // Water-Drop-Shape Minimalist Design

    Regarding the clock’s design, and in the spirit of its innovative “water-powered” working method, this cool water-powered alarm clock actually comes in a very unique shape that resembles a small Water-Drop. This not only gives it a very minimalist look, but also makes the clock a great decoration time-piece that can easily blend in with pretty much any room, desk-space, or countertop.

    Furthermore, the Bedol Water Clock Squirt also features a fairly durable construction, as the clock’s outer shell is entirely made of a high-quality Non-PVC Plastic, which makes it scratch-resistant and water-resistant (i.e. resistant to unintentional water-splashes when filling up the clock’s water-reservoir).

    Moving on to the clock’s main components. Starting at the front-side of the clock, we have a built-in LCD Display that displays the time in the form of a Digital Clock.

    Built-in LCD Display (at the center) & Control Buttons (at the sides)

    Additionally, integrated at both sides of the clock’s LCD Display, there are also two Control Buttons. One button can be used to first set the clock’s time to be displayed, and consequently, to also configure its Digital Clock to be displayed either in a 12-hours format or 24-hour format. The other button allows users to set-up and configure the clock’s Daily Alarm or Hourly Alarm.

    Now, when it comes to the clock’s power-method, as said before, the Bedol Water Clock Squirt is designed to work as a water-powered alarm clock, which ultimately makes it a much more eco-friendly time-tracking option than clocks that are powered by electricity and/or by batteries (regardless if those are built-in batteries or manually replaced AA / AAA batteries).

    To be a little more specific, there’s a semi-transparent Internal Water Reservoir at the back-side of the clock, which is equipped with two (x2) proprietary Metallic Plates right at the center.

    Essentially, these two Metallic Plates (which are probably separately made of zinc and copper) use the ions that are present in water via a natural chemical reaction and consequently turn them into current (meaning clean energy) to ultimately power both its Digital Clock as well as its Daily and Hourly Alarm functions.

    Two proprietary Metallic Plates convert the ions in water to clean energy via a natural chemical reaction

    The clock’s innovative water-powered design allows it to generate enough electricity with just ordinary tap water for its Digital Display to keep perfect track of time for up to 6-months, all in a truly Eco-friendly manner. More importantly, thanks to its water-powered design, the clock’s Digital Display can still run normally in the case of a power failure (i.e. a power-out) occurring within your place of residence.

    Last but not least, it’s worth to note that the clock also comes equipped with a built-in Memory Chip, which allows the clock to retain / remember the Time Settings that you’ve previously configured at all times, which means that you won’t have to reset its Digital Clock when it’s time to change its water (as said before, around every 6-months or so).


    Whenever it’s time to replace the water, the clock’s LCD Display will start dimming. Whenever that happens, all you have to do is to simply pour out the clock’s “now old” water (around 6-months old) and refill the clock’s Internal Water Reservoir with fresh new water.

    Refilling the Bedol Squirt Water Clock’s water-reservoir with ordinary tap water

    In order to fill up the clock’s Water Reservoir, all you have to do is to simply pop open its protective-cap, then slowly fill the Bedol Water Clock Squirt with tap water, and finish by re-slotting its reservoir’s protective-cap once again.


    Inside each package, users will find: their Bedol Water Clock Squirt (comes neatly packed inside the box), along with a detailed Instructions Manual.



    All in all, this water-powered alarm clock makes for a great time-piece for your home, or ultimately, a great gift for any college student or office-worker.

    Bedol Squirt Water Clock
    Bedol Squirt Water Clock


    The Bedol Water Clock Squirt is currently available in five (x5) different color models: Plum Purple, Smoke Gray, Blueberry Blue, Kiwi Green, and Tangerine Orange.


    Bedol Squirt Water Clock
    5 Different Color Models Available

    If you’re interested in buying it, know that each unit is currently priced at just $26.00. You can order yours online right now, directly from Bedol’s official shopping page. Alternatively, you could also order it from Amazon, from Target’s website, or even purchase it from Walmart’s website.

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