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    Formula E Announces Next Gen Cup and Support Series Announcements

    Are you a fan of high-speed thrills and futuristic cars? Then get ready, because the world of electric racing just got even more electrifying! Formula E is set to supercharge the excitement with its latest addition for young speedsters.

    Formula E Adds Mini EV Junior Series

    We’ve got some big news to share: Formula E has announced the launch of the NXT Gen Cup, an all-new series where junior drivers get their chance to shine in mini EVs. It’s like the ‘little sibling’ to the main event, and it’s making its debut in four major European races.

    This means we’ll see tomorrow’s champions battling it out on the same asphalt as today’s pros.

    Our blog will take you through everything you need to know about this  game-changing series, from what it means for young racers to when and where these electrifying showdowns will happen.

    Stay tuned; we’re green-lighting your curiosity!

    Key Takeaways

    • Formula E introduces the NXT Gen Cup, a new mini-EV series for drivers aged 15–25.
    • The NXT Gen Cup features electric Mini Cooper SE-based cars with regenerative braking.
    • Young racers will compete at four major European events in cities like Berlin and London.

    Formula E’s Announcement of the NXT Gen Cup

    Two years ago, the Lestrup Racing Team brought to life an idea on paper, crafting a racing marvel that now graces circuits alongside Formula E paddock. Racing together with the ABB, this innovation, born less than two years ago, is set to debut in the DTM this year. The journey from concept to reality is mind-boggling, offering an inspiring proof of what can go from an idea on paper to racing glory in a remarkably short span.

    Formula E recently announced the inclusion of an all-electric junior touring car series, called the NXT Gen Cup, as a support race in four European events. This initiative aims to provide a platform for developing next-generation racing talent and promoting sustainable motorsports.

    Inclusion of all-electric junior touring car series

    The NXT Gen Cup brings a new thrill to racing fans with its all-electric junior touring cars. Young drivers aged 15–25 now have a chance to show their skills in the LRT NXT1, based on the electric Mini Cooper SE.

    This car packs a punch with front-wheel drive and can hit an extra kick of speed thanks to its push-to-pass feature. It’s not just fast; it’s also smart with regenerative braking and an efficient 800V system.

    Drivers in this series get behind the wheel of a machine that weighs 1150kg and has 180 bhp at their command. The future of sustainable motorsport shines bright as these up-and-comers learn the ropes in high-tech EVs designed for performance and efficiency..

    Every race teaches them about EV technology, charging operations, and how to handle Hankook semi-slick all-weather tires on different tracks.

    The Role of NXT Gen Cup in the Development of Next-Gen Drivers

    The NXT Gen Cup offers a big chance for young racers to grow. It puts them on tracks where Formula E heroes race. Drivers aged 15–25 get behind the wheel of LRT NXT1 cars, made by the Lestrup Racing Team.

    They face off in electric races before big crowds.

    Young talents learn fast in high-pressure events. They follow the same steps as top drivers, from practice to qualifying to racing. This series kicks off careers and helps future stars shine bright in motorsports.

    Plus, boys and girls compete together here; showing skill matters most.

    For NXT Gen Cup, Formula E’s 22 World-Class Drivers Headline its First Support Series Since Inception, Aligning with Formula E’s Mission of Showcasing Cutting-Edge Racing on Global Circuits.

    Let’s dive into the race calendar for the upcoming 2024 NXT Gen Cup. This exciting new series will have young drivers competing in electric mini-EVs, offering a glimpse into the future of motorsport. Check out the lineup of European race events where these emerging talents will showcase their skills:

    Event Location Date
    Misano Misano Adriatico, Italy TBD
    Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco TBD
    Berlin Berlin, Germany TBD
    Norisring Nuremberg, Germany TBD
    London London, United Kingdom TBD
    Hockenheim Hockenheim, Germany TBD

    Specific dates are yet to be determined, but the anticipation is already building as the venues promise challenging tracks and the chance for these young drivers to gain invaluable experience in electric racing. Keep an eye on these events; they’re sure to electrify the world of motorsports.


    The NXT Gen Cup turns a new page in racing with mini-electric cars. Young drivers now have a clear path to shine on big race tracks. Remember, every champion starts somewhere—this could be it for the next great racer.

    Think about it: today’s juniors are tomorrow’s legends. So get ready; the future of racing electrifies as these young guns hit the track!

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