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    Yarbo Yard Robots – All-Season Hands-Free Yard Maintenance

    Yard work is daunting all year round, whether it’s mowing the lawn in the heat of summer, snow blowing a mountain of heavy snow or raking the leaves that just won’t stop falling. It also requires different equipment and lots of hard, exhausting labor and time. However, there is a new product that’s doing yard work for you – Yarbo, the world’s first multi-purpose intelligent yard robot. Created with a modular design to meet over 20 kinds of yard care demands around the year, this yard care doesn’t require any human interaction or back-breaking labor. The robot covers different functions and its versatility allows it to be a lawn mower, snow blower, leaf blower, safety patrol robot, entertainment yard companion and more with its different attachments.

    Yarbo’s modular design allows users to use one tool for the entire year, offering a solution for every season, saving room in the shed and eliminating the physical toll of yard work. The Yarbo Core is the robot or base of the tool and has improved navigation and intelligent technology capabilities. Users can connect Yarbo modules to the front and back of the Core, and have the option to attach a tow hitch to the back of the Core, which increases efficiency and functionality.

    Yarbo Yard Robots
    Yarbo Yard Robots – The different modules

    Yarbo just launched its latest advancements in outdoor equipment for powering through tedious yard tasks and improving lawn care experiences. For the first time, all yard maintenance is completely autonomous for users. It is equipped with RTK-GPS navigation technology, binocular cameras on the front, additional cameras on both sides and ODOM to bring precision and care to any yard in a wire-free experience.

    The new versions also include an upgraded data center that uses HaLow Wi-Fi technology to expand the robot’s connection. The robot can be controlled from anywhere via the Yarbo app, meaning users can be away from home and still manage their yard upkeep.


    Beginning with the unboxing, consumers are provided with the Yarbo Core, Yarbo battery, docking station and other accessories including the remote control, etc. The installation takes less than an hour to set up. Depending on what package is purchased, you will receive the Yarbo core, snow blower, lawn mower, leaf blower attachment or all four.

    Yarbo Yard Robots
    Yarbo Yard Robots – Unboxing

    The robot charges for up to 180 minutes and its battery life lasts up to 210 minutes per charge. When the job is done or the battery runs low, Yarbo autonomously returns to its docking station to recharge, ensuring continuous work without any hassle on your part.


    During the Spring and Summer seasons, the lawn mower attachment is the most popular, offering an easy and painless way to keep a lawn in the best shape. The Yarbo Core and lawn mower attachment weigh approximately 130 pounds. The robot lawn mower can work through weather conditions of -13 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It is designed with advanced rain and temperature sensors to enhance its efficiency and durability.

    In scenarios where weather conditions are not ideal for lawn maintenance, such as during rain or when temperatures fall below the freezing point, Yarbo smartly navigates back to its charging station as a proactive measure to ensure that your lawn remains unharmed by avoiding mowing under unsuitable weather conditions and resumes work once the rain subsides.

    Yarbo can cut up to 6 acres in coverage, with a cutting height of 1.2” to 4.0” and a cutting width of 20”. The robot can work in hilly areas, with a maximum incline of 70%. Yarbo is designed for optimal performance in yards up to 3.5 acres with cutting cycles every 48 hours. Its capabilities can be extended to cover up to 6 acres when the mowing frequency is adjusted to every 72 hours. This is achievable given its maximum daily coverage of 1.7 acres.


    In May, the company announced significant upgrades to its technology used in the robot. Yarbo uses its own PPVS (Precise Positioning Vision System), which blends the best of RTK-GPS, state-of-the-art computer vision, and a multi-sensor array to achieve exceptional accuracy in navigation. RTK (real-time kinematic positioning)-GPS uses satellites and a base station to provide accurate navigation insights down to the centimeter.

    Where satellite signals might be obstructed, such as under heavy foliage, Yarbo’s dual-camera vision and ODOM technologies provide reliable, uninterrupted navigation, ensuring that the Yarbo operates safely within its bounds, even in areas of limited satellite signal.

    The latest model of the lawn mower is equipped with six cameras, four ultrasonic sensors, and utilizes RTK technology to maintain precise positioning while navigating obstacles with ease. This gives the mower 360° vision coverage or what’s referred to as omnidirectional sensing view coverage.

    Yarbo’s AI-powered mapping assistant feature helps users identify the edges of their lawn during the mapping process. The lawn mower, snow blower or leaf blower will intelligently recognize obstacles such as trees, rocks, or garden furniture as it navigates the yard. It then stores the precise locations of these obstacles in its memory for future reference.

    After identifying obstacles and boundaries, users have the option to create No-Go zones on the map. This means users can designate areas that the mower should avoid, ensuring the safety of both the mower and the landscaping features and boundaries.

    Likewise in the app, users can configure geofencing to receive alerts when Yarbo is moved out of its designated areas.


    The Yarbo offers more than just average yard care. For example, in addition to unique lawn patterning and printing, the lawn mower attachment’s back hitch allows people to sweep their lawn, dethatch it, tow a lawn roller or dump cart. Patrol mode can be activated, too, for added security, making Yarbo a trusted yard companion.

    The core robot, lawn mower, snow blower and leaf blower modular attachments are available for pre-order on Yarbo’s website at a discounted rate starting on May 15, 2024 to give yard enthusiasts a streamlined seasonal yard maintenance experience. Following the pre-order sale, Yarbo products will be shipped in late summer 2024.

    The Yarbo Core is available for $4,999 but the pre-order sale offers it at a discounted rate of $3,499. The lawn mower module is available for pre-order starting at $859, the snow blower module is available for pre-order starting at $1,199 and the leaf blower module is available for pre-order starting at $759.

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