Nintendo DSi Studio Kit from Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster DSi Studio KitThrustmaster’s DSI Studio Kit promises to make the most of your Nintendo DSi’s digital camera, offering macro and wide angle lenses and a flash. One of the main reasons to buy a Nintendo DSi instead of a DS Lite is the built-in digital camera.  Now you can add to your creative photography options thanks to this new kit from Thrustmaster.

The DSi studio provides you with a variety of shooting options, including a removable flash, a wide-angle, a macro/close-up and a telephoto lens attachment.  Also included is a set of 6 color filters you can use to create visual effects. Thrustmaster also includes a protective cover that holds the lenses and filter attachments in place.

Here are the specs:

* Removable flash: shoot great pictures, even in low-light conditions!
* Macro lens: observe the infinitely small
* Wide-angle lens: get the big picture
* Metallised-coloured bag for carrying your lenses safely and easily
* 6 colours lenses: can be combined with the wide-angle and macro lenses if required – add a touch of colour to your world!
* Tele lens: move things closer!
* Metallised holder – attach your lenses safely and protect your console

The Thrustmaster Nintendo DSi Studio kit is available for $19.99