Inside Photos of Sharp’s Sakai City State-of-Art LCD Facility

Sharp Sakai City New LCD FactorySharp announced the opening of its Sakai City 10th generation LCD plant last month, enabling Sharp to more efficiently produce large-screen LCD TVs, resulting in ever larger LCD TVs at attractive price points for the consumer.

Referred to in Japan as Sharp Green Front Sakai, the factory brings the world two environmentally friendly products: energy-saving LCD panels and energy-creating solar panels. Sharp aims to make this complex an environmentally advanced production base through such environmental measures as adopting LEDs for all indoor and outdoor lighting (approximately 100,000 LED lights) throughout the complex. In addition, Sharp is installing solar panels on all factory roofs to provide some of the needed electricity.

The factory’s operations are underway and here are some photos of the inner workings at the facility including:

·         Energy Control Center

·         Industrial Robot

·         LED Lights

·         LED Lights (2)

·         Test Equipment

·         Thin-film Solar Cell Plant

·         LCD Panel Plant

·         Conveyance System Connecting Between Each Building